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How Many Snapchat Accounts Can You Have?

How Many Snapchat Account Can You Have

Launched barely a decade ago, Snapchat has quickly become one of the most used apps in the world. Over 1 billion people currently have a Snapchat account. According to us, counting it among the top three big apps (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) is justified as it yields the same amount of power that they do.

But there is one thing that’s different from the big three. You could not have unlimited accounts on Snapchat even if you wanted to. In contrast, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can. Do you want to know why this is so? Then we say continue reading because this won’t be the only query we will answer.

We will also let you know precisely how many Snapchat accounts you can have, why they have a cap on the limitation, and what type of accounts are there.

Queries About Snapchat Accounts

So without any further ado, let us start answering the question you seek answers to. Starting with how many Snapchat accounts can you have? The answer is two! You can have only two because Snapchat administrators know some people need more than a single account to manage their lives.

The justification for having a cap on a maximum of two accounts is so Snapchat can minimize the number of bots on their app. Bots devalue an app as when the target audience interacts with them, their value for the app decreases exponentially. So to manage that and to ensure only real people use their app, Snapchat has placed a cap on accounts per number/email.

Still, another detail that many people don’t know is that Snapchat allows you to have two different or similar types of accounts on your phone. Meaning utilizing the same number, you can either choose to have two personal accounts, which you can distribute as one public and one private if you wish to, how most people do.

The other option is to have a personal and a business account because, like all social media, if you have enough followers on Snapchat, you can kick start your influencer career. Whereas, if you own a business/brand and want to market it on Snapchat, you can avail yourself of the option of setting up a business account.

Types of Snapchat Accounts You Can Have

Now let us describe in detail the different types of Snapchat accounts. The two types of accounts are as follows.


A personal Snapchat account, like any other social media, is your presence on the app. You can connect with your friends or make new friends utilizing the app to its full potential.


The other type of account you can own and operate on Snapchat is a business or professional account. This account is solely dedicated to the brand/business you want to market on Snapchat. You can update followers of your brand daily using this account as a regular Snapchat account operates.

Or you can produce and run specific and targeted ads on the app to attract your target audience. With over a billion users and costing less than other social media networks to advertise, Snapchat is a bargain deal to promote for digital marketers/business-savvy people.

Why Snapchat Stands Out Compared to Other Social Media Apps

Features Of Snapchat

Swiftly moving on to our next topic, we will decode why Snapchat stands out from the crowd compared to other social media apps. What X factor do they possess that has made them successful in such a cutthroat industry? The following are the most prominent reasons.

Easy Form of Communication

Snapchat is supposed to be messy. You are not supposed to look your best like you are supposed to on other social media platforms. It projects your day-to-day mundane life where you share what you are up to with your friends, family, and other followers. It offers you easy communication, which other apps do not.

Unrivaled Range of Emoji’s & Filters

The biggest reason which makes Snapchat a standout is its filters. They have been the market leaders in coming up with unique and creative filters that compels its users to use them frequently.

Snapchat also offers record-breaking, specific, and special day emoji’s that other apps can only wish to provide. This creativity has made them a standout among the crowd.

No Social Pressure Is Involved

On Twitter, you are supposed to be witty and funny; on Instagram, your life needs to be projected in the perfect life, and on Facebook, you need to have opinions on every topic. These are the social pressures that Snapchat doesn’t have with them. You can just be yourself here.

This is what makes them a standout. If you want to send the same photo of your room sealing to your friend to keep the streak alive, do it; there is no pressure on you to be perfect here.

Everything Is Removed After 24 Hours

Snapchat is where your spontaneous life lives, and everything is gone forever after 24 hours. You can save your snaps, but they will vanish after that time if you choose not to. Making it ideal for sharing your wild nights with your loved one, because before hangover, these memories or mistakes are gone.

Fun To Use

The last reason why according to us, Snapchat stands out compared to other social media apps is that it is just plain fun. You can be goofy on it without taking yourself so seriously. You can be a mess and have no obligation to project your life as a movie trailer.

What is Snapchat for Business used for

Business Discussion

Lastly, we would like to discuss how Snapchat for business is currently being used. Snapchat for business represents your Snapchat business account and is used for traditional digital marketing for brands. Snapchat now offers the following businesses as well.

  • OTT Platform
  • Influencing
  • Private Use

Final Thoughts

Snapchat has quickly become one of the biggest social media apps globally. In this article, we have described every facet in great detail. We’ve covered it all, from how many Snapchat accounts you can have to what makes them unique.

What did you think about it? Remember to let us know in the comments section.

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