How Many Reports To Get Banned on Discord?

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Discord

Have you been banned on Discord? With Discord, you can communicate with friends via calls or chats. Discord is a VoIP platform used by gamers for its amazing features.

Discord has various guidelines that each user must adhere to, and failing to adhere to the rules will make Discord ban you from the platform. Someone can report you to the moderator. When that happens, you can easily get banned.

Quick Answer

It takes more than ten reports for someone to get banned on Discord. Moreover, it takes a few days before the action gets processed. So, if you’ve reported someone and know the reports are past ten, wait for about two to three days before the person gets banned from Discord. If you have evidence of the charges for reporting someone, make ten reports, and they will get banned.

This guide discusses the number of reports required before someone gets banned on Discord. Moreover, we will cover the various reasons or activities that can get you banned on Discord. Lastly, we will see questions users ask regarding getting banned on Discord.

How Many Reports To Get Banned on Discord?

Discord is the ideal platform for gamers to connect and discuss. Discord has become a gaming community, and with the many users on the platform, there are guidelines to follow to keep the platform safe for everyone.

However, some violate these guidelines and force other users to report them. So, what does it take to get banned on Discord? When you violate the terms and conditions of Discord and get reported, it takes more than ten reports for Discord to ban you.

Once your reported cases exceed ten, Discord will take the necessary actions within two or three days and ban you from the platform.

Note that when reporting someone on Discord, you must give evidence to back your claim. The evidence could be screenshots of the activity the offender has made. That way, your case can be examined to ensure the report is valid, which adds to the reports a given user has. Once they reach ten, expect they get banned within two or three days.

How To Get Banned on Discord

There are two options for getting banned on Discord. You can get banned from a Discord server by the administrator. Alternatively, you can get banned from the Discord platform for violating the terms of service for Discord.

In the first instance, an administrator or the owner of a given server can ban you from the server for violating the rules of the given server. It could be you are a nuisance to other members or are trying to spam others, and they report you to the moderator. If that happens and the administrator verifies the claim, they can ban you from the given server.

Here are the possible reasons for getting banned on Discord.

Spamming Others

When you use Discord to spam others, your account will get flagged. Discord will likely ban you from the platform when that happens, and you can’t reaccess your account.


Discord doesn’t tolerate discrimination. Whether you discriminate against others for their race or gender, Discord can use that as a reason to ban you from the platform.

The bottom line is that you risk getting your account permanently banned when you violate Discord’s terms and conditions. So, ensure you don’t involve yourself in activities that threaten your account.


Getting banned on Discord is unfortunate. It takes more than ten reports for you to get banned on Discord and around two to three days before the ban occurs. This guide has detailed everything about getting banned on Discord and what it takes to get banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get banned on Discord?

Yes, you can. When you get reported more than ten times, you risk getting banned from the platform. So, ensure you adhere to Discord’s terms and conditions to avoid getting banned from the platform. If in a Discord server, follow the rules to avoid getting kicked out or banned.

Why did I get banned on Discord?

If you got banned on Discord, you must have violated its terms and conditions. Only then can Discord ban you; it takes ten reports before you get banned.

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