How To Ban Someone on Twitch

How To Ban Someone On Twitch

When using Twitch, a moderator can help you run the channel. When you have a Twitch channel, you will encounter different people.

Therefore, you can have a case where you must ban someone for various reasons, such as trying to spam others in the channel.

Quick Answer

Twitch lets the channel creator or the moderator ban someone from the channel. Open the Twitch channel where you want to ban someone and locate the chat. Type the “/ban <username>” to ban the mentioned user. Once you press “Enter,” the person will get banned from the particular channel. You can also click the profile of the target person and click the “Block” button.

We will understand different reasons why you can ban someone on Twitch. Next, we will discuss banning someone on Twitch as the channel creator or moderator. Let’s dig in!

Why Ban Someone on Twitch?

On Twitch, you can start streaming and have people join your channel to watch and interact with you. As a viewer, you can find different channels and join them to join the live streaming sessions.

When you have a Twitch channel, you will need help moderating the channel to ensure everything works smoothly. You can choose a moderator for your Twitch channel, and their leading role includes banning people who go against the expected conduct in the chat section.

Some of the reasons for banning someone on Twitch include the following:

  • If the person shares adult content in the chat box, that’s a valid reason to ban them.
  • We are sharing or leaking sensitive or private messages.
  • Trying to spam other viewers in the chat box.
  • Using the chat box to spread misinformation and inflammatory news.
  • Abusing other viewers through messages.
  • Advocating for self-harm or violent activities in a channel’s chat box.

When you have a similar case where you feel a viewer went overboard in their behavior, as the channel creator or moderator, you are free to ban that person immediately.

How To Ban Someone on Twitch

Are you ready to ban someone from your Twitch channel? Only the channel creator or the moderator can ban a viewer from a given channel.

Once you ban the person, they can’t join your channel again unless they change their account and join the live stream using the new version.

So, how do you ban someone on Twitch? Banning someone on Twitch is similar to blocking them. Both methods help ensure the person can’t access your live streams or channel in the future.

Using the /ban Command

Twitch offers the “/ban” command that allows you to specify the username of the person you want to ban. Once you do, the person will be removed from your channel and barred from reaccessing it.

  1. Open your Twitch channel.
  2. Access the stream window and navigate to the channel’s chat box.
  3. In the message area, type the “/ban <username>” command to ban the mentioned person.

Once you send the message, Twitch will immediately ban that person from your channel.

Block the User’s Profile

When you view a user’s profile card, you can block them from your channel.

  1. In the chat section, click on the target username you want to ban.
  2. Click the three dots on the top right section.
  3. Click the “Block <username>” button.

All messages shared by that user will get deleted from the chat box, and they will get banned from your channel.

With the two options, you can use the approach you feel is convenient for your case.


You can ban someone on Twitch using the /ban command or blocking them through their profile. The steps for the two methods are covered in this post. Follow them and quickly ban someone on Twitch using one of the methods. That’s it!

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