How To Make Fake iMessages

How To Make Fake Imessages

We live in the era of social media, and most of us enjoy posting about our routines and daily activities.

It could be you want to share a screenshot of a conversation with someone or random pictures to keep people engaged.

Besides, creating fake iMessages and sharing screenshot with friends or posting it on your social media accounts is possible.

In that case, read on to find out how that’s possible.

Quick Answer

Creating fake iMessages is an easy task. All you need is a reliable fake iMessage chat generator. Once you have it, create a fake iMessage conversation, then download the image. Ensure you adjust all the details to make it seem real. You can then share the downloaded image with your friends or post it online. Someone viewing the image will think it’s a screenshot of a real iMessage conversation.

Coming across fake iMessages is no longer a big deal. We will understand why fake iMessages have become common and then detail the process of creating fake iMessages and sharing the image with friends.

Why Create Fake iMessage?

Social media has plenty of fake information, lifestyle, and posts. Why do people focus on creating fake conversations? Let’s dig in on some of the reasons.

  • When you want to prank a friend, using a fake iMessage conversation is one robust way.
  • Clout chasing. For someone looking to have people’s attention, utilizing fake iMessages is one way to leave people talking and drawing their attention to you.
  • Scamming others. Unfortunately, scammers utilize fake iMessages to scam people by creating conversations that lure people into their traps.
  • You can create fake iMessages for fun. It could be you want to experiment with the fake conversation generator and see if it works and creates fake iMessages.

There are different reasons why someone may decide to create fake messages. Whatever your reason, read on to find out how to quickly create fake iMessages.

How To Make Fake iMessage

You’ve probably encountered fake messages and are curious about how people create them, or you want to create fake iMessages to prank your friend.

Whatever the case, it’s simple to create fake iMessages, provided you know how.

There are multiple fake iMessage generator apps for iOS.

Here’s a list of the top 5 fake iMessage generators you can utilize. Once you have the fake iMessage generator, open it and start creating the fake iMessage.

Make Fake Imessage

Ensure you edit all the details, including the date, receiver name, phone settings, network, etc.

Download the image once you’ve edited all the details and have your conversation created. Depending on the fake iMessage generator tool you use, you should have the downloaded image stored on your iOS.

You can then locate the image from your phone’s library and share it with your friends to prank them or upload it to your social media platforms, like Instagram, to get people talking about it.

The trick is to ensure you edit all the detail correctly, such that you don’t leave loopholes for people to detect that you’ve faked the messages.


Fake posts and conversations are not a new thing.

We’ve seen how you can create fake messages using a fake iMessage generator.

Once the image is downloaded, you can share it with your friends and post it to your social media accounts.

Thanks to this guide, you can now create your fake iMessages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create fake iMessages?

Search for a fake iMessage generator app, then use it to create fake messages by sending and replying to the message to create a conversation. Lastly, download the image and share it with friends.

Is it legal to create fake iMessages?

Yes, it’s legal. However, the motive for creating fake iMessages can determine whether creating fake iMessages is legal. Suppose you create fake iMessages for fun. There is no harm done. However, if you use it to scam others, you risk facing the law, as that will be illegal.

Will I get detected for creating fake iMessages?

Fake iMessage appears real, and many people fall victim to them. If you are pranking your friend, they may easily fail to notice the fake iMessages. To avoid people detecting that you’ve created fake iMessages, ensure you keep all the details intact and edited correctly.

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