How Long Does Discord Trust and Safety Take To Respond?

How Long Does Discord Trust And Safety Take To Respond

Using any messaging platform, such as Discord, soothes the soul knowing the platform has a responsive support team. It could be you’ve encountered a case where someone violates Discord’s terms of service.

Still, it could be someone who is harassing you or shares an abusive message, and you want to report them. Knowing how long it takes Discord’s Trust and Safety team to respond in such a case is helpful.

Quick Answer

When you want to contact Discord’s Trust and Safety team, you must fill out a form explaining your case. When the support team receives your issue, they will investigate it and take the necessary actions. You can also email the support team directly. The Discord Trust and Safety team takes one to three days to respond to your case. Be descriptive in your case to make it easy for the support team to investigate the reported server or Discord user.

We will understand different reasons why you may want to contact Discord’s Trust and Safety team. Moreover, we will see the steps to follow to report your case. Lastly, we will understand how long it takes for the Discord Trust and Safety team to respond.

When Should You Contact Discord’s Trust and Safety Team?

Discord offers a free account for anyone to join the platform. You can create various servers, talk with friends via DM, or join existing servers. When working with Discord, different circumstances can trigger you to want to contact the Trust and Safety team.

For instance, if you encounter a Discord server that violates Discord’s terms of service, such as promoting spamming and sharing of sensitive content, you are recommended to report it. That way, you help Discord sanctify the platform to accommodate everyone.

Still, if you encounter a case where someone tries to harass or spam you on the platform, you can report the matter. In such a case, you will report and share the message the spammers shared by sharing the message ID.

How To Report an Issue to Discord’s Trust and Safety

When you have a case you feel should be reported to Discord, you should follow a few steps to submit your report. Below are the steps to report any issue to Discord’s Trust and Safety team. In this example, we are reporting an offensive message.

  1. Open your Discord account. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Locate the target message you want to report.Locate The Target Message You Want To Report.
  3. Long-press on the message if you use a smartphone or right-click on it if you use a desktop. Right-Click On The Message
  4. Click on the option for “Copy ID” on the menu that will appear. You will share the copied message ID for the Trust and Safety team to get a hold of the reported message. Click On The Option For Copy Id
  5. Open your browser and access Discord’s request submitting page. Open Discord's Request Submitting Page.
  6. Once the form opens, select the option for “Help and Support” under the topic you want the support team to help you with. Select The Option For Help And Support
  7. Add your email address in the required field. Add Your Email Address In The Required Field.
  8. In the section for “Type of question“, choose a subject that best describes your case. Choose A Subject In Type Of Question Section
  9. Add details about your report. Include the subject, description, and attachments required to support your case. For instance, you can share screenshots of the server communication. Add Details About Your Report
  10. Lastly, click the “Submit” button and wait for a response. Click The Submit Button

How Long Does Discord Trust and Safety Take To Respond?

When you report your issue to Discord using the presented steps, your next move is to wait for Discord to respond. They can respond with further instructions or acknowledge that they have received your case and are acting on it.

Regarding the duration it takes for Discord’s Trust and Safety team to respond, many users have received a response within one to three days after submitting their case.


When you report any issue to Discord’s Trust and Safety team, you will likely get a response within one or three days to guide your next move. We’ve discussed examples of cases to report and the steps to follow when you want to report your issue.

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