How Can Someone Dox You on Discord?

Doxing On Discord

Have you been doxxed on Discord?

Cases of people getting doxxed on different platforms are not new. We’ve heard cases where someone has been doxxed with the attacker’s aim to embarrass the victim by exposing their information.

Getting doxxed is unfortunate, and when it happens, it can damage your reputation.

We will understand how someone can dox you on Discord.

Quick Answer

Doxing is when someone finds the information you share online and uses it to reveal your personal information. When doxxed, someone will share all your pictures or unmask your anonymous identity on a server. To dox someone, you check their profile picture to see if they have added their real photo. Still, you can use malicious links to try and steal their data. Again, you can lure the person into revealing their identity after building their trust. Some attackers use other tricks to get the victim’s IP address.

We will understand what doxing means on Discord. We will mention different strategies someone can use when they want to dox you. Moreover, we will give various measures you can use to avoid getting doxxed.

What Does Getting Doxxed Mean on Discord?

Doxers are everywhere, but they mainly target Discord since it has many gamers and streamers. Discord is a community accommodating everyone. You can find multiple servers on Discord relating to your interest and join them to interact with others.

The information you share online is what someone needs to dox you. If obtained, all your data, such as pictures, real name, IP address, username, etc., can be used to reveal your real identity and expose you to others on Discord.

Getting doxxed refers to an act where someone builds your profile using the information you share online. Once they get your identity, they then reveal it on Discord, so every server person will know the actual you hiding behind a Discord username.

A doxer aims at embarrassing you by exposing your identity. Well, Discord is against doxing others on the platform. When someone reports you, Discord will likely ban you from the platform.

How Can Someone Dox You on Discord?

Someone can’t manage to dox you on Discord unless you give out your information.

When using Discord, your IP address remains hidden, and you can interact with people on a server without them knowing your identity.

Nonetheless, doxxers apply different tactics to dox someone on Discord.

1. Malicious Links

When someone is chatting with you on Discord, they send malicious links with hidden agendas.

The doxxer aims to make you click on the link. When you do, it can redirect you outside Discord, exposing your IP address.

Various platforms can be used to help steal your IP address on Discord.

When someone shares a link on Discord, please don’t click on it unless you are sure of the purpose of the shared link.

2. Befriending You

Someone can DM you when you are in a Discord server to start creating a conversation.

It could be the doxxer is trying to build your trust and lure you into getting to know each other, including your personal information.

Most people fall victim to this trick and share their real identities and pictures.

Once the doxxer gathers all the details they need, they can use them to dox you on Discord.

3. Viewing Your Profile Details

Your Discord profile picture is one piece of information a doxxer can use.

So, if you’ve added your picture as your profile picture, you are increasing the chances of getting doxxed, as someone can extract your identity starting with your picture.

How To Avoid Getting Doxxed

Getting doxxed hurts, and it’s something you should try to avoid by all means.

Different measures can help you remain awake to prevent getting doxxed.

  1. Avoid participating in online activities that involve filling out online questions that require your information. A doxxer can use this trick to gather your information.
  2. Minimize sharing your personal information online. You can’t get doxxed if someone can’t access your data. So, remain cautious about what you share online to make it hard for someone to dox you.
  3. Avoid clicking on malicious links shared by random people on Discord.Malicious Links On Discord
  4. Secure your Discord account by enabling two-factor authentication and using a strong password.Enable Two Factor Authentication
  5. Where possible, use a VPN to mask your actual IP address.Install A Vpn Service


Getting doxxed exposes your personal information on Discord.

Someone can dox you by making you reveal your personal information without you noticing it.

We’ve seen different strategies that someone can apply when they want to dox you and given various measures that you can use to avoid getting doxxed on Discord.

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