How To Make Your Zoom Profile Picture a GIF

How To Make Your Zoom Profile Picture A Gif

When you attend a Zoom meeting, your profile picture is visible to everyone when you’ve turned off your webcam. Thus, it makes sense to have a presentable and fun profile picture. It could be an image or GIF.

Although many people are used to using static images as their Zoom profile picture, you don’t have to be like them. You can spice your profile picture by adding a GIF; we will see how that’s possible.

Quick Answer

According to Zoom, you can set your profile picture as a JPG, PNG, or GIF if the uploaded file doesn’t exceed 2 MB. Therefore, create your GIF using an image editing tool. Once you have the GIF on your device, open your Zoom web portal and click the “Profile” option. Click the pencil icon next to the picture frame. Click the “Choose Files” option and upload the GIF you created. Adjust the size of the GIF if necessary and click “Save.”

We will discuss how uploading a GIF as your Zoom profile works. Next, we will cover the steps to make your Zoom profile picture a GIF on your Zoom web portal and mobile app. Moreover, we will see how to change the profile picture during a Zoom meeting.

Are GIF Profile Pictures Allowed on Zoom?

Yes, they are. Adding a Zoom profile picture is a good way of letting people quickly identify you, especially if you’ve added your selfie as the profile picture. Sometimes, you may wish to take things next level and instead use a GIF instead of a static picture as your Zoom profile picture.

Luckily, Zoom lets users add GIFs as their profile pictures. The only catch is that your GIF must not exceed 2 MB. So, if you have a GIF, we will see the steps to add it to your profile picture.

How To Make Your Zoom Profile Picture a GIF

Different image editing tools help in creating GIFs from videos or images. Start by searching for the ideal image editing tool and use it to create the preferred GIF you wish to add as your Zoom profile picture.

Once you have the GIF downloaded to your device, you can now go ahead and make it your Zoom profile picture. For this case, we will discuss how to make your Zoom profile a GIF on your Zoom web portal and the Zoom mobile app.

Using the Zoom Web Portal

We need access to the Zoom settings via the web portal.

  1. Open your browser and access the Zoom web portal.Open Your Browser And Access The Zoom Web Portal.
  2. Sign in to your Zoom account.Sign In To Your Zoom Account
  3. Tap on the “Profile” tab on the left.Tap On The Profile Tab
  4. Click on your current profile picture.Click On Your Current Profile Picture
  5. Click “Change.”Click Change
  6. Find the GIF saved on your desktop.Find The Gif Saved On Your Desktop
  7. Once uploaded, click the “Save” button.Click The Save Button

Once you refresh the page, your Zoom profile picture will show a GIF.

Using the Zoom Mobile App

  1. Open the Zoom app on your phone.Open Zoom
  2. Open the “More tab at the bottom.Tap On More
  3. Tap on your profile tab.Tap On Your Profile Tab
  4. Tap the “Profile Photo” section.Tap The Profile Photo Section
  5. Select the “Choose Photo” option.Select The Choose Photo Option

Find your GIF from your phone and upload it and save the changes.

How To Make Your Zoom Profile a GIF During a Zoom Meeting

When you are in a Zoom meeting on your desktop app and want to turn off the webcam, you can upload a GIF as your profile picture with the steps below.

  1. While on the Zoom call, locate and click the “Participants” button.Locate And Click The &Quot;Participants&Quot; Button
  2. Hover the cursor over your name and click the three-dots icon.Click The Three-Dots Icon
  3. Click on the “Edit Profile Picture” option.Click On The &Quot;Edit Profile Picture&Quot; Option
  4. Click the “Change Picture” option.Click The Change Picture Option
  5. Upload your GIF from your desktop.Upload Your Gif From Your Desktop
  6. Click the “Save” button.Click The Save Button

Now that you’ve added a GIF, you can confidently turn off the Zoom webcam, and your GIF will appear as your profile picture.


How to make your Zoom profile picture a GIF only requires you to have a GIF on your device. Next, upload it from your Zoom settings. We’ve seen the steps to follow when using the Zoom web portal and the mobile app.

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