How To Know if Someone’s Phone Died on iMessage

How To Know If Someone Phone Died On Imessage

When you want to communicate with someone via iMessage, you may want to confirm that they are available by checking if their phone is dead. When someone’s phone is dead on iMessage, they can’t receive your iMessage until they turn it on.

iMessage relies on an active internet connection, and the communicating devices must be iOS devices. We will see if it is possible to know if someone’s phone died on iMessage.

Quick Answer

If a phone dies on iMessage, you can send an iMessage, and you will notice it won’t get delivered. To further verify this, try sending an SMS to the same phone number and check if it gets delivered, or just call the person. If their phone is dead, you will hear a message that their phone is turned off, meaning it is dead. The last option is to check their social media account, such as WhatsApp, to see their last seen and online status.

We will discuss how iMessage works to help us understand how to know if someone’s phone died on iMessage. Still, we will cover various ways you can know if someone’s phone died on iMessage. Let’s begin!

How Does iMessage Work?

iMessage is a communication alternative available to Apple users. You must have an active internet connection and enable iMessage on your phone to communicate via iMessage. Moreover, the person you want to talk with must have an Apple device and must have enabled iMessage on their end.

If you try sending an iMessage to a person who has disabled it on their end, it will get sent as an SMS. You can notice an iMessage on your Messages app due to its blue bubble, which differs from the SMS bubble.

How To Know if Someone’s Phone Died on iMessage

When using iMessage, there is no obvious sign that someone’s phone died on iMessage. Here’s the thing, if someone is offline, the iMessage won’t get delivered. However, that doesn’t mean their phone is dead.

Similarly, if the person has blocked you on iMessage, your message won’t reach them, and you can’t conclude that the target person’s phone died on iMessage. So, how can you know if someone’s phone died on iMessage? Take a look at the below methods.

Check the Delivery Status

When you send an iMessage to your target person, and it gets delivered, their phone might not be dead. However, it could be that the person has synced iMessage with their Appl devices, such as Mac. Their phone could be dead in such a case, but they received the iMessage on their Apple devices.

If the iMessage doesn’t deliver, it could signal their phone is dead, they are offline, or you’ve been blocked.

Send an SMS

Instead of sending an iMessage, send a regular SMS to the target person via your carrier. If you notice the SMS gets delivered, it means their phone didn’t die. It could be their phone is offline, and they haven’t received your iMessage yet.

Call the Person

If, after sending an iMessage, it didn’t deliver, you can confirm the target phone is dead by calling them. Suppose you call the person and their iPhone is unreachable. They are likely in an area with no network.

If the phone rings and the person doesn’t pick up, they ignore you or have enabled the “Do Not Disturb” mode. However, this confirms the phone died on iMessage.

If, after calling the person, you get informed they are turned off, that confirms that their phone died on iMessage.

Check Their Social Media

For someone to use social media, they must have an active internet connection, and their phone must be turned on. If you’ve saved the target person’s number in your contacts and they use it on WhatsApp, do the following.

  1. Open WhatsApp and access their contact.
  2. Check their profile tab at the top to see their last seen.

If their last seen shows they have been inactive, it could mean their phone died on iMessage. However, if they were recently online, your iMessage is to be delivered, and you sent it long ago, they might have blocked you.


This guide has covered three ways to check if someone’s phone died on iMessage. Try them out and see if they work for your case.

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