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How Accurate Is Snapchat Location?

How Accurate Is Snapchat Location

How fun is it to have a platform where you can chat, maintain a streak, create bitmoji, and upload stories? Now, things can get bells on if you know that you can see the live location of your friends too. Still, relying too much on technology can be a bit risky. Hence, it’s best to ensure that how accurate is Snapchat location.

Quick Answer

The answer is straight-up NO. The Snapchat location is not 100% accurate. It fluctuates depending on the situation. It’s not always spot on and also not wrong. The Snapchat location depends mainly on your friend’s availability, Internet connection, and phone location. Also, the location is not so precise that it can tell you where they’re sitting exactly.

The Snapchat location helps the users to where their friends are. It gives an overview of the place where your friends can be. You can never see in which coffee shop your friends are by Snapchat location. As that’s not what Snapchat works for!

Do you need additional help to see how accurate Snapchat location is? Well, then you can jump down to see how Snapchat location works!

How Do Snapchat Locations Work?

Snapchat is a social media portal that also helps you access your friends and family, and its location works safely. It gives a hint about where your loved ones or friends can be. Hence, it’s impossible if someone tries to stalk you through a Snapchat location.

Snap map captures the real-time location of all of your friends, and it gets updated every time you open the app. Your live location is broadcasted to your friends if you have enabled it. You can browse through the map to see the location of all your friends.

Location Must Be Turned On

You can only view someone’s location on Snapchat if they have their location on. They also need to have their location switched on and Internet connection. That’s the only way you can see your friend’s live location.

Is Snapchat Location Accurate?

Snap Map locations can help you if you want to look out for your close ones. You can always go to Snapchat and browse through the map to see where they are. Still, the question arises, how accurate is Snapchat’s location? Can you rely on it?

Case #1: When Snapchat Location Is Not Reliable

Well, many things halt the exactness of the location on Snapchat. You just need to keep some factors in mind to see if the location is correct or not!

Here, we’ve described the necessary information you need to know!

  1. The location of your friend’s phone must be turned on.
  2. They should be sharing locations with Snapchat friends.
  3. Their Wi-Fi connection must be stable.
  4. They must open their app if they change location.

After you are done ensuring all requirements, you can check the location. Do a test, sit in the same room, and ask them to show your location. You would be able to see how accurate their location is.

Snapchat never shares the exact location of your friends. For instance, if your friend is at their house, Snapchat won’t show their house number. You would be able to access the area only.

How To See the Location on Snapchat?

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your phone and ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Click on the location icon in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  3. You’ll get the bitmojis of all your friends (who have their location on) over the map.
  4. Click on their avatar to get a clear view of their location.

Case #2: Try Another App To Get an Accurate Location

In case, no matter how hard you try, still, the location is irrelevant; we’re here to help. We have come up with another trustworthy app that can assist you in taking care of your mates. You can get the app “Life 360”.

Snapchat is not exactly designed for locating others. Hence, you need professional assistance to track your friends.

  1. Get “Life 360” at Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.
  2. Add your details manually.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Make your circle and add new members.
  5. Go to Settings -> Circle Management -> Add Circle Members.
  6. Send the code to your mates and ask them to join to share their location.

The app will help you get the exact location of your friends. You can track every step of them through Life 360 now.

Please Note

Only use Life 360 to track your under 18 kid’s location. You can also use it for your friends and family. Still, get their consent. Add them with their permission on the app. After that, you can get the exact location.


When friends leave your place to go home, you need to make sure they have gotten to their place safely or not. Or, if they go somewhere skeptical for their blind date, you must confirm their security. Hence, getting their live location can help you get at ease.

We have resolved the issue for you. It is a fact that you can trust a Snapchat location for some “not so serious” happenings. Thus, if you need a sound solution, go with the other method to get an accurate location!

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