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Why Can I Only Unsend for Me on Messenger?

Why Can I Only Unsend For Me On Messenger

Messaging platforms like Messenger now offer advanced features to support sending and unsending of messages. When using Messenger to message someone, there is an option to unsend a message.

This feature is handy when you send a message to the wrong person or get second thoughts about the message you sent. When that happens, you can quickly unsend it.

Quick Answer

Messenger allows you to unsend a message “for everyone” only if the recipient hasn’t blocked you and the app works normally. However, if you try to unsend the message and don’t have that option, you will only get the option to unsend it for yourself alone. When you delete the message, the receiver will notice that you were unsent the message, but they can’t see the content of the particular message.

Messenger allows you to unsend messages when using the mobile and desktop version. We will cover the steps to unsend a message and discuss what happens when you unsend the message. Moreover, we will discuss why you can only unsend a message for yourself alone.

How To Unsend a Message on Messenger

Facebook introduced Messenger to give its users a platform to message and communicate effectively. When using Messenger, people can communicate via text or calls, including group chats.

While enjoying all this fun on Messenger, you may notice you sent the wrong message to the wrong person. When such a case occurs, Messenger allows you to unsend the message using the steps mentioned below.

Using Messenger on Desktop

When accessing Messenger on your computer, here’s how to unsend Messenger texts.

  1. Open the Messenger desktop app or Messenger website and log in if you haven’t already. Messenger Desktop App Pc
  2. Locate the target conversation and click on it to open. Locate The Target Conversation Messenger Pc
  3. Find the message you want to unsend, hover your mouse over it, and click the three dots on its right. Click The Three Dots On Its Right
  4. Click the option for “Remove.” Click The Option For Remove.
  5. Select the option to “Remove for Everyone.” Select Remove For Everyone.

Using Mobile Messenger

  1. Open the Messenger application on your phone. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Find the target conversation from the “Chats” window and open it. Locate The Conversation On Messenger Chat
  3. Find the message you want to unsend. Find The Message You Want To Unsend.
  4. Long-press on the message and tap on “More” and select “Remove“. Select Remove
  5. Select the “Unsend” option. Select The Unsend Option.

This option lets you unsend the message for everyone, and the receiver won’t see the contents of the message you sent them unless they have already viewed it.

When you want to unsend a message on Messenger, it should give you the option to unsend it for you or everyone. If you don’t see the option for everyone, read on to understand the cause.

Why Do I See Only the “Remove for You” Option?

Although Messenger has the option to allow users to unsend messages, there is a limitation on the action. When unsending the message, you can use the “Remove for You” option, which will only remove the sent message on your end.

Alternatively, you can use the “Remove for Everyone,” which will remove the message on your end and that of the other person. You can’t unsend a message to everyone if they blocked you or there is some bug.

So, if you only see the option to unsend a message for yourself alone on Messenger, it implies that you are either blocked or facing some kind of bug/glitch. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do about that, especially if they blocked you. If you suspect that there is a bug, try to restart your phone.

Restart Your Device


When you want to unsend a message on Messenger, ensure you are not blocked, and your Messenger app works properly.

We’ve seen the steps to unsend a message on Messenger and discussed why you can only unsend a message on your end alone.

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