How To Tell Someone You Don’t Wanna FaceTime?

How To Tell Someone You Don't Wanna Facetime

FaceTime is one of the everyday apps we use to catch up with friends and family. It’s easy to use, reliable and free.

Additionally, you only need a stable internet connection to FaceTime. Unfortunately, we are not always in the mood to talk to friends, even when they are important to us.

Declining a FaceTime request from someone close and important to us can be challenging, especially when you don’t want to hurt them.

This is where perfect excuses come in. Sometimes, you might have to create an excuse to bail out of a FaceTime call even when you like them.

So, what is the best way to tell someone you don’t want to FaceTime?

Quick Answer

One of the best ways to politely decline a FaceTime request is to say that your Wi-Fi is down. As you know, FaceTime requires stable internet to connect. Telling your friend your Wi-Fi is down communicates that you cannot speak. You can follow up by telling them you will FaceTime them later when your connection improves. Another way to bail out of FaceTiming is to say your phone’s or PC’s battery is about to die.

You’re not alone if you’re struggling to tell someone you don’t want FaceTime. This post will give you examples of things you can say when you can’t FaceTime without hurting the other person.

Overview of FaceTime

FaceTime is an audio and video calling app iPhone and Mac users use to call other iPhones and Mac users on their contact lists. Like other video calling apps, FaceTime requires a stable internet to work.

While many instant messaging and video calling apps are available to iPhone users, FaceTime is straightforward, making it a popular choice for many.

Next, we’ll cover some ways to politely decline a FaceTime call from a friend or another person without ruining the relationship.

How To Turn Down Someone’s Request to FaceTime?

Here are a few ways to tell someone you don’t want to FaceTime.

Way #1: My Wi-Fi is Down

One of the best things to tell someone when you don’t want FaceTime is that your Wi-Fi is down.

It’s also important not to suggest a timeline for when your connection will be fine, especially if you don’t want to commit to making the call.

Instead, tell them that you will FaceTime some other time. This excuse works well for people who want to have a friendly chat, but you’re busy or not in the mood.

Way #2: My Battery Is About To Die

This polite excuse works similarly to the first. You’re demonstrating a willingness to make the call, but your circumstances limit you.

Anyone will understand why you can’t FaceTime when your battery is about to die.

Like the first Wi-Fi reason, avoid committing to a later time, especially within the same day, as they might expect your call. Instead, tell them you’ll call them on a more appropriate day.

Way #3: I’m Held Up

Telling someone you don’t want to FaceTime can feel like an excuse to avoid it, but sometimes you might have a genuine reason.

For example, if you were preparing dinner or helping your mom or someone else with something, you have a perfect reason for not FaceTiming.

In such a scenario, you can text the other person and tell them you’re helping someone with something and aren’t available for FaceTime.

If you think they might misinterpret your text as cold, add a smiling emoji and tell them you can pick a more appropriate time.

Way #4: I Have Company Right Now

Depending on who is FaceTiming you, you can tell them you have company and can’t receive their call at that time.

Having company is a great way to decline a FaceTime call because it’s a socially acceptable fact that not everyone feels comfortable being recorded on video.

Additionally, the person calling will understand you can’t bail out of your responsibility to attend to your guests to talk on FaceTime. Picking their call only to cut it short can be rude, so a text saying you have company will suffice.

If you are better positioned to FaceTime them later, you can include that in the text.

Here’s a practical example of how to tell someone you don’t want to FaceTime in this context:

“Hi, I can’t FaceTime right now. My cousins and I are in the middle of a game. We can FaceTime later, around 10 pm, when everyone is asleep. I’ll text you later to confirm.”

The best thing about the message above is it’s polite and includes a justifiable reason.

Way #5: I’m Not Feeling Up to It Right Now

If the person FaceTiming you is a close friend, you don’t have to find an excuse.

Explain to them that you are not in the best position to FaceTime and prefer to talk later. In most cases, they might want to find out if you are okay. Explain that it’s nothing serious.

Here’s an example in a text: “Hi, I’m not in the best position to FaceTime right now. I’m okay. Don’t worry about it. We can reschedule for tomorrow after class if that works for you. Text me back and let me know.”

Way #6: I’m Expecting Another Call in a Few Minutes

Another way to tell someone you don’t want FaceTime is to tell them you have another call coming in.

Emphasize the importance of the expected call so the other person doesn’t think you are blowing them off. For example, you can say it’s a work call.

Here’s how to phrase it in a text:

“Hi, I can’t FaceTime right now. I’m expecting an important work call in a few minutes. We can FaceTime tomorrow.”


Telling someone you don’t want FaceTime can be challenging, especially if you like them and don’t want to disappoint them.

The best thing to do is to find an acceptable excuse. For example, you can text them telling them you have guests, your Wi-Fi is down, or your battery is dying.

If you’re close, you can tell them you’re not up for FaceTime at that point but would be happy to reschedule.

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