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Does Messenger Notify When You Screen Record?

Does Messenger Notify When You Screen Record

Messenger is a trusted application that people use to communicate with their friends.

However, many people are becoming concerned about the privacy of the data they share and wondering if there is a feature for getting notifications when a person screen records their conversation.

So, does Messenger notify them when you screen record?

Quick Answer

Messenger does not notify users when someone records their conversations. Meta has had plans for the feature because many users want it, but it is not yet implemented, meaning if someone screenshots your conversation, you will not know it. Older Messenger versions had the Vanish mode, where Messenger notified when the screen was recorded.

The privacy of the information you share on social media has raised many questions. Many users have been curious if Messenger will inform you when a person screen records your messages. If you are looking for such details, read this post!

Does Messenger Notify When You Screen Record?

Many social media platforms have had plans to implement more features like notifying users when a person screen records messages, but we are yet to enjoy the features.

Messenger does not notify users when you screen-record a conversation sent by another person.

Therefore, if you send messages normally without the Vanish mode, you won’t know when a person’s screen recorded your conversation.

However, Meta has surprised users with a new feature called “Secret conversation” mode (previously known as “Vanish” mode), which you can enable when sharing highly private information.

When users used the Vanish mode, users were notified when the other party took a screenshot or recorded screen. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Secret conversation mode; you are not notified there.

How To Prevent Someone From Screen Recording My Messenger

Messenger is aware that many users are concerned about the privacy of the information they share, so they have come up with some solutions.

Messenger understands that sometimes people share private information, and to help users achieve privacy, they have come up with things like Secret conversation mode.

Use Secret Conversation Mode

Secret conversation mode is a privacy-focused feature that Meta has implemented in its messaging platforms like Messenger and Instagram.

Secret conversation mode ensures privacy by ensuring messages disappear once they are read. Thus, messages will disappear if the recipient tries to minimize the chat.

Although Secret conversation mode has been tested to implement some privacy, it is not the absolute way to ensure privacy because a person can still record messages when they have two devices.

When you want to exploit the Secret conversation mode feature, you must enable it as indicated below:

  1. Once in Messenger, open the chat you wish to start a conversation with.Open The Chat
  2. Tap the “i” icon in the top right corner.Tap The I Icon
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Go to secret conversation.”Tap On Go To Secret Conversation
  4. Once the Secret conversation mode opens, send a message.Send A Message
  5. Wait until the recipient replies, then the secret conversation mode is activated.Wait Until The Recipient Replies

Now you can send messages to the other party; if they take a screenshot, it will be indicated on your screen.

Enable Disappearing Messages

Disappearing messages is another privacy feature that Messenger has introduced to enforce the privacy of your messages.

The disappearing messages feature can be activated only in Secret conversation mode.

This feature might ensure that the person doesn’t have time to take a screenshot because you can set the message delete timer as fast as 5 seconds.

You must activate the feature when you want your messages to expire quickly, as shown here:

  1. Open a secret conversation on Messenger.Open A Secret Conversation
  2. Tap on the “i” icon on top of the screen.Click On The I Icon On Top Of The Screen
  3. Scroll down and tap on the “Disappearing messages” option.Tap On The Disappearing Messages
  4. Select the time your messages will last before they disappear.Select The Time

This method does not guarantee that a person won’t screenshot your messages, but it is a vital privacy feature you can implement.


Messenger has tried to implement features to ensure the privacy of shared messages on the platform.

Although you won’t be notified when a person screen records your Messenger, it doesn’t mean there are no measures you can take.

This guide has explained what you must do when you want to be notified when someone records your messages on Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Messenger notify when you screen record?

If you send messages to a person, you won’t be notified when someone takes a screenshot. You will only get a notification when you are using Vanish mode. This mode is only available in older Messenger versions, making messages disappear after they have been viewed; if a person takes a screenshot, you see a notification on the screen.

What do I do if a person screen records Messenger?

When a person records Messenger and gets a notification, you can only report it to Messenger and wait for them to take action against the other party.

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