What Is a Telegram Tag?

What Is Telegram Tag

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that allows people to interact seamlessly.

With end-to-end encryption, Telegram takes pride in data security and its ability to have groups with over 200,000 members.

The cloud-based storage also makes Telegram stand out from other instant apps.

What is a Telegram tag, and how does it work?

Quick Answer

A Telegram tag references a user or group of people to a message or post. Navigate to the conversation and type the “@” sign followed by the user’s name. Select the correct username from the suggestions.

This article will explain what a Telegram tag is and how to tag another user. You will also learn how to forward a Telegram to get a quicker response.

Telegram Tag

In Telegram, a tag is a way to reference a user or group in a message or post.

When you tag someone, you include the “@” symbol followed by their username or group name; this creates a clickable link that other users can use to navigate to the tagged user or group quickly. 

When you tag a user, they will get a notification and are more likely to navigate your chat directly when they return to the Telegram app. You can also tag channels and a group of users on Telegram.

How To Tag Someone on Telegram?

When conversing in a group on Telegram, you can tag a person or group. This helps you to direct your questions or comment appropriately. 

Here is how to tag a user on Telegram:

  1. Launch the Telegram app.Open Telegram App
  2. Navigate to the chat where you want to tag someone.Navigate To The Chat
  3. Type the “@” symbol.Type The @ Symbol
  4. Follow the icon with the name of the user.Follow The Icon With The Name Of The User
  5. Select the correct username from the suggestions.Select The Correct Username
  6. Compose your message.Compose Your Message
  7. Send the message.Send The Message

To tag a group of people, repeat this process. When you use the “@” icon, Telegram will give you a list of suggestions; this is there to stop you from typing out the character’s full name.

This process is similar on mobile devices and desktops.

How To Tag Yourself on Telegram?

It is possible to tag yourself on a comment or page on Telegram; this may be a piece of information or chat you want to be reminded of the next time you join the Telegram app. It is a straightforward process.


This method works only on PCs.

Here is how to tag yourself on the Telegram app:

  1. Launch the Telegram app.Open Telegram Desktop Application
  2. Navigate to the chat where you want to tag yourself.Navigate To The Particular Chat
  3. Type the @” symbol.Type The @ Symbol In Text Box
  4. Follow the symbol with “me” and hit enter.Follow The Symbol With Me And Hit Enter
  5. Compose your message.Type Your Message
  6. Hit the send button or press Enter to send the message.Hit The Send Button

Once you have done this, Telegram automatically tags you on the chat.

How To Forward a Message to a User on Telegram?

Tagging a user does not guarantee they will see or respond to the message. This might be because they have a long list of pending messages.

A better way to get someone’s attention is by sending them a direct message. You can forward the message that requires their attention directly in a chat.

Here is how to forward a message to a user on Telegram:

  1. Launch the Telegram app.Open Telegram App
  2. Navigate to the conversation.Navigate To The Chat
  3. Tap and hold the message you wish to forward.Tap And Hold The Message
  4. Tap on ”Forward.”Tap On Forward
  5. Select the user to forward it to.Select The User
  6. Add a personal message.Add A Personal Message
  7. Tap the send button.Tap The Send Button

Once you do this, the user gets it as a direct message.

In Conclusion

Telegram is a popular company that takes users’ security seriously.

It becomes important to direct conversations appropriately with the ability to house 200,000 members in a single group.

This is why the Telegram tag feature is important.

No need to worry. This article breaks down a Telegram tag works and how to tag someone seamlessly.

You can tag your friends and family using the steps outlined in this article.


If I tag someone in a group, will everyone else see it?

Yes. If you tag a person in a group chat, all the group members can view the tagged user.

Can you tag a Telegram bot?

Yes, you can. Tagging a Telegram bot is similar to tagging a user or channel. Use the “@” symbol with the robot’s name. You need to know the actual name of the bot you wish to tag. This will ensure you do not activate the wrong bot.

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