How To Block Messages From a WhatsApp Group Without Exiting

How To Block Messages From A Whatsapp Group Without Exiting

WhatsApp is a platform where you can communicate with people directly via messages or calls.

Still, you can create or join an existing WhatsApp group to discuss with other members.

When you’ve joined different groups, it can get annoying whenever you keep getting new notifications for every message received.

Hence, knowing how to block these messages from WhatsApp without exiting the group is handy.

Quick Answer

WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to block messages from a WhatsApp group. However, you can archive the WhatsApp group or mute the group for a given period to block receiving notifications from the given group. That way, new messages in the WhatsApp group won’t get your attention, an excellent way of indirectly blocking messages from the particular WhatsApp group.

This post explains why you may want to block messages from a WhatsApp group. Still, we will discuss whether it’s possible to block messages from a WhatsApp group and offer different options to block messages from the group.

Why Block Messages From a WhatsApp Group?

When you create a WhatsApp account, anyone with your phone number can add you to a WhatsApp group, depending on your privacy features.

While WhatsApp groups are excellent for group communication, sometimes you may be added to a WhatsApp group that doesn’t align with your interest.

Besides, an active WhatsApp group means you will receive multiple notifications for every new message received in the WhatsApp group.

This notification can easily distract your attention and, in the worst case, become a nuisance with every notification you receive. In that case, having a way to block receiving WhatsApp group messages is crucial.

How To Block Messages From a WhatsApp Group Without Exiting

Although WhatsApp lacks a feature to block messages from a WhatsApp group, you have two alternatives that can help indirectly block receiving messages from WhatsApp groups.

These two options ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with notifications and messages from WhatsApp groups unless you choose to open the WhatsApp group to view the new messages.

Method #1: Muting a WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp allows users to mute a WhatsApp group for a given period or until they choose to unmute the group.

Muting the group ensures you won’t receive notifications for new messages, allowing you to focus on your activities without getting distracted.

Here’s how to mute a WhatsApp group:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone. Whatsapp App On Mobile
  2. Find the target WhatsApp group you want to mute. Target Whatsapp Group
  3. Open the group chat and click on the group’s name at the top. Group Profile At The Top
    • For Android, enable the “Mute notifications below the group profile details. Mute Notifications Whatsapp
    • For iOS, enable the “Mute” option.Whatsapp Mute Chat
  4. Select how long you want to mute the group and press the “Ok” button. Select Duration And Tap On Ok

Once you’ve muted the WhatsApp group, you won’t receive any notifications for new messages shared in the muted group.

Also, when you view the group chat, you will notice a speaker icon with a cross, confirming the WhatsApp group has been muted.

Method #2: Archiving a WhatsApp Group

Suppose you don’t want to mute the WhatsApp group. Archiving the WhatsApp group is another excellent option.

When you archive the group, the group won’t appear in your chat window, and you won’t notice new messages being shared in the group. Hence, it’s a good way to block the messages indirectly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.Restart Whatsapp
  2. Find and Long-press the WhatsApp group to open a menu. Long-Press The Whatsapp Group
  3. Click on the archive option.Click On The Archive

That’s it. You’ve managed to archive your WhatsApp group and won’t receive messages until you unarchive the group. Besides, the archived group won’t appear when accessing your WhatsApp chats.


WhatsApp doesn’t offer a way for users to block messages from a group without exiting it.

However, you can archive or mute the group to block receiving messages and the distraction that comes when you receive notifications about new messages.

We’ve presented the steps for archiving and muting a WhatsApp group. Try them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I block messages from a WhatsApp group without exiting?

There is no way of blocking messages from a WhatsApp group. However, you can decide to stop receiving messages or notifications relating to a particular WhatsApp group by muting or archiving the WhatsApp group.

Will people know when I mute a WhatsApp group?

No, they won’t. WhatsApp doesn’t notify group members whenever someone mutes the group. However, someone can notice that you are online on WhatsApp but inactive in the group. Still, that doesn’t inform anyone that you’ve muted the group unless someone accesses your phone and sees that you’ve muted a given group.

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