How To Get Virtual Number for WhatsApp

How To Get Virtual Number For Whatsapp

WhatsApp requires users to register with phone numbers they are physically connected to when creating an account, but you may need to do something that doesn’t require you to identify who you are. In such a case, you may need a virtual number for WhatsApp.

Is it possible to get a virtual number for WhatsApp? If you are looking for a way to achieve that, continue reading the guide.

Quick Answer

Various software development has made it possible to get a virtual number for WhatsApp. One of the solutions you can use to get a virtual number is TextNow. You must install the software on your phone and enter your area code to generate a virtual number.

Some users have always sought ways of getting virtual numbers to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. The article has explained the importance of virtual number and how you can get it for WhatsApp.

What Is a Virtual Number?

You may have heard about virtual numbers and are wondering what they are. A virtual number is not bound to a particular place like your normal phone number. Virtual numbers work the same way as normal phone numbers but enable users to remain anonymous.

Moreover, a virtual number can be used on any device that can install applications and connect to the internet. Because of privacy reasons, people are adopting virtual numbers for creating accounts with various platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

In other words, you can use a virtual number to differentiate yourself from your business.

Why Is It Important To Use a Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

If you have not yet used virtual numbers, you may wonder what difference you will achieve using them. Virtual numbers are increasingly becoming popular for various reasons. Some of the reasons why people seek virtual numbers are privacy, marketing, and pranking.


Introducing social media platforms has led to the need for intense privacy measures. Thus, many people don’t want to use their numbers when dealing with social media. That way, many people avoid being scammed or their data getting violated, as the number they use has no link to them.


If you have a business, you may need a different number that separates you from your business. Thus, virtual numbers are great for marketing and advertising as they will enable you to promote your business better and connect with new customers.

Pranking Friends

If you want to spread love and fun on WhatsApp, you may need a virtual number that you can use to do pranks on your friends. Using a virtual number will help you not to get identified with your friends, as it does not link back to you.

How To Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

The development of various applications has made it possible for people to get virtual numbers for WhatsApp. Some of those applications include the Numero eSIM app, TextNow, and Chalkboard. Some applications are free, while others need you to subscribe to use their services.

Therefore, you must search for a suitable application that offers you the properties you desire and use it to get a virtual number for WhatsApp. For this guide, we will use the Text Now app to show how you can get a virtual number.

Use TextNow To Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

TextNow is a reliable application for getting a virtual number for WhatsApp. Moreover, the application is suitable for iPhone and Android, and you can use it, as explained below.

  1. Install TextNow on your phone and start the application.
  2. Enter your area code as requested by the app.
  3. The app will generate five virtual numbers you can use depending on the area code you choose.
  4. Choose one of the virtual numbers you will be using for WhatsApp.
  5. Install WhatsApp on your phone.
  6. Use the virtual number you generated to set up a WhatsApp account.
  7. Choose WhatsApp to call you to activate your account.
  8. Ensure TextNow is running in the background to receive the call verifying your WhatsApp account.
  9. Complete the setup of the WhatsApp account after the virtual number is verified.

Once you complete the outlined steps, you will have a WhatsApp account set up using a virtual number. Now you can freely achieve your aim with the account ready.


The enhancement in technology has made it possible to achieve many impossible things. For instance, users can now get virtual numbers for setting up WhatsApp accounts when they don’t want to use their numbers. The guide has explained the various tools you can choose from when you want to get a virtual number for WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a virtual number for WhatsApp for free?

Yes. You can use several free applications to generate a virtual number for WhatsApp. Such an application is TextNow.

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