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Why Won’t Facebook Install on My iPhone?

Why Wont Facebook Install On My Iphone

Are you having trouble downloading and installing Facebook on your iPhone?

Facebook is a leading social platform, and when you can’t install it on your iPhone, you miss the fun of viewing people’s posts and connecting with your Facebook friends.

If you are having issues installing Facebook on your iPhone, today’s guide offers a solution to fix this error.

Quick Answer

There are various reasons your Facebook is refusing to install on your iPhone. Common causes include poor internet connection, lack of space, problems with the App Store, outdated iPhone firmware, corrupted download, and glitches with your iPhone. The good news is that these problems have a solution, as we will describe in today’s post.

This guide covers the common causes of Facebook not installing on iPhones. We will discuss each problem in detail and offer solutions to resolve the errors affecting your Facebook. By the end of it, you will have a working solution and have successfully managed to install Facebook on your iPhone.

Causes of Facebook Not Installing on Your iPhone

Facebook not installing on iPhone is not a new thing. Many users have reported the problem.

Luckily, we understand why this happens and intend to share the knowledge with you.

Below are the five most common reasons Facebook is not installing on your iPhone.

Reason #1: Poor Internet Connectivity

A stable and strong internet connection is required when downloading and installing Facebook from your App Store.

If you are having network issues or cellular data subscriptions get used up, Facebook may decline to install.

Furthermore, it could be that your Wi-Fi is not working, and you are unaware of it, making the download and installation of Facebook hang and eventually refuse to install.

Reason #2: Insufficient Storage Space

Storage is essential when installing any app on any phone.

If trying to install Facebook, you should ensure you have sufficient space on your iPhone.

Otherwise, the installation won’t be complete as there is no room to hold Facebook’s data necessary during any installation.

Reason #3: Problems With App Store

The Apple Store occasionally experiences glitches due to its cache.

If the cache is full, it may fail to function properly and affect how apps download and install via it.

Furthermore, it could be that Apple Store is causing files to have corrupted downloads which, when trying to install, inevitably end up failing.

Reason #4: Outdated Firmware

Facebook will seamlessly install when the firmware of your iOS is compatible with the Facebook version you are installing.

If your firmware is outdated, it could mean that Facebook refuses to blend with it, causing it to refuse to install.

Reason #5: Glitches with Your iPhone

It’s a common issue for phones to experience glitches.

If your iPhone has technical problems, they can affect the installation of apps like Facebook.

How To Fix It When Facebook Won’t Install on iPhone

The five problems presented above are the common ones that some people have reported encountering when installing Facebook on their iPhones.

In that case, we will present various solutions that help fix the listed causes. Keep reading the article.

Method #1: Check Your Internet Connection

If using your cellular data, ensure your subscription is still active.

You can confirm by opening a browser and checking if you can search for something on the internet.

If your cellular data is the problem, consider switching to Wi-Fi.

Besides, ensure your Wi-Fi connection works by testing other platforms like YouTube or contacting your ISP to verify.

Method #2: Free Up Space on iPhone

Do you have sufficient free space?

You must have enough space on your iPhone to download and install apps from Apple Store.

The solution is to check the available space and free up more space; here’s how you can check the available space on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app.Open The Settings App On Iphone
  2. Go to “General.”Go To General.
  3. Tap on the “iPhone Storage” option.Tap On The Iphone Storage Option.

Once you’ve seen the available space, if it is enough, that’s okay. However, if you have less space, consider deleting some apps or clearing their cache to increase available free space.

Method #3: Refresh App Store

If your cache is running out or has some other glitches, refreshing it could be the fix you are looking for.

Here’s how to refresh the Apple Store:

  1. Open the App Store.Open The Apple Store.
  2. Tap one of the bottom icons below the screen about ten times.Tap One Of The Bottom Icons
  3. A refresh circle will load on your screen.
  4. Next, close the App Store and open it again.Open The Apple Store.
  5. Try the download and installation of Facebook again.Try The Download And Installation Of Facebook

If the App Store was the problem, refreshing it should have fixed it. Furthermore, you can try deleting the downloaded Facebook file on Apple Store or cancel the download, then try again. You will download a newer and non-corrupted file if the file is corrupted.

Method #4: Troubleshoot Your iPhone

Technical glitches with your phone can hinder the installation of apps.

It could be that your iPhone services are hanging and blocking other activities.

To quickly resolve issues with your iPhone, consider restarting it.

Once you’ve restarted the iPhone, try resuming the downloading and installation of Facebook. It should work this time.

Method #5: Update Your iOS

The problem with using outdated iOS firmware is that it may be incompatible with the current version of Facebook that you are trying to install.

Nonetheless, updating your iOS version will help fix the problem.

Ensure you have a good internet connection and follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings.Open The Settings App On Iphone
  2. Go to “General” > “Software Update.”Go To General Software Update
  3. Tap the “Download and Install” button.

Once you’ve updated your iOS version, try installing Facebook again. The incompatibility should have been fixed, and your Facebook installation will be a success.


We understand how annoying it gets when you are stuck installing Facebook on your iPhone.

If you are facing such an issue, this guide has covered the common problems causing the failed installation of Facebook.

Further, we’ve seen the solutions you can try to fix the error.

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