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Why Does Messenger Show a Message When There Is None?

Why Does Messenger Show A Message When There Is None

It doesn’t fail to confuse you when you see a number on the Messenger icon, but when you open the app, you don’t see any new messages. That is frustrating if you are the kind of person who wants to respond to people as soon as you see their message. But even if you aren’t, it is still frustrating – is Facebook kidding you?

But do you want to know the real reason why it happens?

Quick Answer

Whether you see a number on the Messenger icon or get a notification that you got a message, sometimes, there is a message, even if you aren’t seeing anything new once you open the app. You might have an unread message, but it is at the bottom of your messages or hiding in your message requests.

It is also possible to unsend and remove a message for everyone on Messenger, so the sender might have deleted it after you have seen the notification. And this is not news, but Facebook has been having issues from time to time, so that might be it, too!

There are so many reasons why Messenger shows a message when there is none. Let’s talk about them in more detail, shall we?

Why Does Messenger Show a Message When There Is None?

Messenger is a God-sent messaging app to many people because there are lots of Messenger features that make communication with friends more exciting and convenient. But of course, it is not always rainbows and butterflies. If Messenger tells you that you have a message, but there is none, here are the reasons!

Reason #1: It Could Be Caused by a Messenger Bug

Messenger gets bugs sometimes, which could be caused by some app defects or device issues. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Messenger, or check if there is a new update. One reason why Messenger has a new version almost every week is to remove app bugs!

Suppose that fixed it, good. But if the problem is still there even after doing that, you may need to wait, as the app developers are probably fixing it. Nonetheless, if the issue remains unresolved a few days later, you can report it to them, as they may not be aware. Here is how to report a problem with the Messenger app.

Reason #2: You May Have Forgotten To Read a Message That Was Received Days Ago, and Facebook Is Just Reminding You

If you don’t see any new message at the top of your messages (unread messages are bolded), it might be at the bottom – or the middle. So, that message that Messenger is telling you about might be the message someone sent to you not today but days ago, and you just haven’t been able to read it yet for some reason.

Maybe you forgot about it or accidentally deleted the notification, so you didn’t see it?

Reason #3: The Sender Removed the Message or Unsent It for Everyone

The ability to unsend and remove a message on Messenger was added a few years ago, but you may not be aware that it is possible. Once you receive a message from someone, Messenger will notify you. But if it has been deleted, you will not be notified – although you will see in the chat that it has been removed or unsent.

Reason #4: The Message Might Be in the Message Requests Section

Your Facebook friends automatically become your Messenger contacts, but you can add more contacts on Messenger without being friends with them on Facebook. This is because Facebook and Messenger may be connected, but they are two separate apps. Now, why am I saying this?

Anyone who uses Messenger can contact you on Messenger.

If the person is not your contact and they message you, their message will go to your Message Requests. You will see the Message Requests above your chats on some devices and web browsers. But if you are using a mobile device and can’t see it:

  1. Open the Messenger app.
  2. Click your profile picture.
  3. Tap Message Requests.


If there is a message you have been waiting for from someone, it won’t be enjoyable to receive a notification about a new message, but there is none once you check and open up your Messenger app.

Messenger is an excellent tool for communicating with anyone because it is free despite its many awesome features, but no app is perfect.

The good thing is that the issues you may encounter with Messenger – like when it shows a message even though there isn’t – aren’t usually a big deal, even though it is a bit frustrating. They are mostly minor issues that don’t affect the exchange of messages between you and others, and they are only temporary!

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