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Why Isn’t My Reddit Post Showing Up?

Why Isn't My Reddit Post Showing Up

If you are new to Reddit, it can get confusing when you post something in a community and your post doesn’t appear. Instead, it appears on your profile. When you are unable to participate in a Reddit discussion by posting, the much you can do is view other people’s posts. The good news is that we know why your posts are not showing up, and we have a solution for the problem.

Quick Answer

When you post something but can’t see your post, there are some reasons for this. First, it could be you are not sorting the posts correctly, and if there are many new posts, it becomes hard to locate yours. Also, it could be your post doesn’t align with the community rules where you want to post it. Moreover, some communities require people to have community karma before posting. Lastly, your post could have been marked as spam.

This guide dives into understanding why your Reddit posts are not showing up. We will discuss the common causes of this, highlighting how to fix the problem to ensure your posts become visible. Let’s go!

Why Isn’t My Reddit Post Showing Up?

When you join Reddit, it’s likely that you also joined other subreddits that align with your interests. The discussions on the subreddits are worth joining, and one way of participating is by sharing a post. What happens when you post something that fails to show in the community or subreddit?

You are not alone, as other people have also faced the same problem, and below are the common causes for this problem.

Your Post Was Reported as Spam

Your Post Was Reported As Spam

The spam filter of the given community where you shared your post might have caught it and concluded it to be spam. This mainly happens when it’s your first time sharing a post in the community. Unfortunately, the spam filter sometimes flags legitimate posts as spam.

Also, it could be that a moderator removed your post. If that happens, you can tap on the message moderators link at the top side of the menu of the given community. Explain your issue, and the moderators will check whether your post was marked as spam and remove it.

Your Sorting Is Incorrect

Your Sorting Is Incorrect

After posting to the community, don’t be guaranteed to find your post at the top. Here’s the thing, each community has a sorting mechanism, and, in most cases, the sorting is based on the hot posts. Therefore, your new post can’t appear at the top unless it gets many upvotes.

To view your post, ensure you sort the posts by new. Moreover, if the subreddit has many subscribers, your post may disappear in the masses of new posts, and finding it can be challenging.

You Didn’t Follow the Community Rules

You Didn't Follow The Community Rules

Each Reddit community has rules regarding how posts should be formatted before posting. So, if your post failed to meet the community rules and guidelines, that explains why it’s not showing up.

The solution here is to check the guidelines of the particular community and ensure your post meets the required rules, then post it again. It should show up this time.

You Don’t Have Community Karma

You Don't Have Community Karma

Reddit is keen on preventing spamming in each community. As such, there is a limit on posting frequency, especially for new Reddit users. For instance, if you’ve not accumulated community karma, your posts may get marked as spam by the spam filter.

So, try to accumulate karma by commenting and posting on other communities and commenting on people’s posts. You will earn karma through upvotes, and your posts won’t get flagged as spam.

For your Reddit posts to show up, ensure you gain karma, sort correctly, follow the community guidelines, and report to the moderators when you suspect your posts to have been flagged as spam.


Reddit posts not showing up mainly affect new users who have not gained karma. This guide has discussed why your Reddit posts fail to show up, highlighting ways to help resolve the problem. You now understand why you can’t see your Reddit posts and what to do about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Reddit Mark My Post as Spam?

If you are new to Reddit and have yet to gain karma, the spam filter can flag your post as spam. If that happens, reach out to the moderators for them to remove your post from spam.

Why Is My Reddit Post Not Showing Up?

Reddit posts not showing up is mainly due to incorrect sorting, being marked as spam, not following the community guidelines, or not having community karma.

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