Why Is My YouTube Video Not Processing?

Why Is My Youtube Video Not Processing

Is your YouTube video stuck on processing when uploading? YouTube is the platform where more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute.

Thus, it’s not surprising that the currently uploaded content makes your video stuck. This guide has presented the main reasons for making your video get stuck on processing and how you can fix it!

Quick Answer

Various factors may contribute to your YouTube video not processing. Unsupported file type and size are one of the things that can prevent your video from processing. Other factors include unstable internet connection, traffic in uploading, and the quality of the videos.

YouTube videos not processing is a common issue that many users have complained about. If you are a victim, this post has explained various reasons for the problems and tips for fixing them. Let’s dive in!

Why Is My YouTube Video Not Processing?

When you upload a video to YouTube, many things take place to make the video ready for consumers. YouTube makes several copies of the same video.

It stores it in its servers to ensure that when one searches for the video, the fastest video is loaded depending on the network of the consumer.

Once you upload a video, you may notice that the video may fail to process. The following are the major reasons behind the cause.

File Size and Type

The format of the video and size are key factors that can make it not process when uploading on YouTube. The file format impacts the size of the video, and it is essential to use the YouTube-supported format to ensure the video is in the smallest size possible.

Weak Internet Connection

A weak internet connection is another factor that affects the processing of a YouTube video. When the speed is slow, the video will take longer to process or show bad quality.

Thus, it is essential to check your internet speed to ensure it does not cause your video to fail to process.

Traffic During Upload

YouTube statistics show that over 500 hours of content are uploaded every minute on the platform. Considering the extensive data, it is possible to find traffic, making it hard for your video to process because of many requests.

Video Quality

The quality of your video determines how long it will take for the video to load. The higher the video quality, the longer it takes to process the video.

Tips To Fix a YouTube Video Not Processing

Give it a Few Minutes

A YouTube video may fail to process because of the high traffic being experienced. Thus, waiting for ten to fifteen minutes and allowing the video to process is recommended.

After that time, the video may process or take a shorter time to process.

Check Internet Speed

Internet is an essential factor that determines how long your video will take to load and the quality of the video. You can use Google to do a speed test.

If the internet speed is low, perform simple tricks like restarting your router. If the speed is not fixed, it is advisable to talk to the internet service provider.

Try Another Browser

YouTube works well when you are using a supported browser like Google Chrome. Thus, if you are using another browser, it is advisable to switch to a supported browser and test if the video can process.

Use Supported File Format

The video file format is an essential factor in video processing speed. MP4 is the most recommended file format by YouTube.

Thus, changing to the supported format is recommended if your video is in another format. You can use a video converter to use the recommended file format.

Restart YouTube

YouTube may be having issues, like many platforms. When you realize your video is not processing, it is essential to restart the YouTube app to refresh the session.

Once you restart the app, you can test if the processing speed has changed. Moreover, you can reboot your device and check the processing of your video.


YouTube videos failing to process is a common issue caused by weak internet connection, file size and type, video quality, and current traffic. If you are wondering how to solve the problem, this post has explained.

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