How To Put a YouTube Video in Google Slides

How To Put A Youtube Video In Google Slides

When creating a Google Slide presentation, you can include videos to make them lively. It could be you have a YouTube video demonstrating a concept you feel your audience should see.

Embedding the video in the Google slide will help to create a fun and engaging presentation. Stick around and learn how to put a YouTube video in Google Drive.

Quick Answer

Google Slides offers three options for embedding a YouTube video. If you’ve downloaded and uploaded the YouTube video to your drive, you can select it directly and embed it. Still, you can search for the video or add the video’s URL and embed it. To achieve all these options, start by opening the slideshow. Open the slide where to embed the video, click the “Insert” tab at the top, and select the video option. Choose the embed option and insert the video.

Putting a YouTube video into a Google Slide is easy. This post will help you understand the benefits of embedding YouTube videos into a Google Slide presentation. Still, we will cover the steps for embedding a YouTube video into a Google Slide.

Why Put a YouTube Video on Google Slides?

Presentations can get boring, especially when you have no visualizations to spice the mood. When you want to capture your viewer’s attention and keep them engaged, adding a video to the Google Slide presentation will do the trick.

Below are why you should embed a video in your Google Slide presentation.

Catch the Viewer’s Attention

The viewers won’t remain attentive when your presentation mainly involves text in the slides. Texts are boring to watch as someone presents. Hence, many viewers will quickly lose attention, beating the logic of the presentation.

However, you can embed a YouTube video with your Google Slide presentation to capture their attention. You should target an engaging video that you are guaranteed will prove enticing to the viewers.

Help With Explaining a Concept

When presenting, it’s possible to encounter a video that aligns with your concept. For instance, if you were presenting an idea or a theory, it’s possible to have a YouTube video that explains the same concept.

Thus, you can embed it to allow viewers to watch your idea in action rather than follow along with texts alone. Watching will help emphasize your points and boost the success of your presentation.

Videos Help Create a Break

When your presentation is long, adding a break is healthy for yourself and the viewers. You can create this break by including a video slide. The viewers will enjoy watching the embedded video.

You will get room to re-energize as they watch the video. Once it ends, you will have killed their boredom, and they will resume following your presentation comfortably.

How To Put a YouTube Video in Google Slides

Do you have a YouTube video you wish to include in your Google Slides presentation? Before we cover the steps, it’s worth understanding your different options.

  • If you have the YouTube video saved in your Google Drive, you can select the option for Google Drive to insert the video.
  • If you know the video’s title, you can search for it and find it in the search results.
  • Suppose you have the YouTube video’s URL, use the option for “By URL.”

With that in mind, the below steps are how to put a YouTube video into Google Slides presentation.

  1. Open your browser and access your Google Drive.
  2. Open your Google Slides presentation by double-clicking on it.
  3. Choose the particular slide where to put the YouTube video.
  4. With the slide selected, click the “Insert” tab at the top.
  5. Select the “Video” option to bring up the insert video box.
  6. Three insert options will appear: Search, URL, and Google Drive.
  7. Click on the option that best suits you.
  8. For instance, if you have the video’s URL, paste the URL in the search bar.
  9. Lastly, click on the video and click the “Insert” button and edit the inserted video.

Your Google Slide presentation now includes a YouTube video.


Inserting a YouTube video into a Google Slide presentation is easy. The steps to follow are presented in this post. Have fun adding videos to your Google Slide presentation!

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