How To Download YouTube Shorts on PC

How To Download Youtube Shorts On Pc

Since its inception in September 2020, YouTube Shorts has taken the social media realm by storm. They are short, engaging, and encompass various content, including dance routines, pranks, recipes, and emotional clips.

If you enjoy watching YouTube Shorts on your PC, you might want to save the video for offline viewing. YouTube doesn’t allow direct download of these shorts, which begs the question, how do you download YouTube Shorts on PC?

Quick Answer

You can download YouTube Shorts on a PC using third-party downloader tools. To download a Short, copy and paste the link on the URL field provided on the downloader. The tool will load the video data and then generate multiple downloadable qualities. Choose your preferred quality and download the video to your computer.

Read on to discover how to download YouTube Shorts on PC.

Overview of Downloading YouTube Shorts on PC

YouTube Shorts are the unsung heroes of the short-form video sector, offering so much value to creators and viewers. They are the go-to content for a quick distraction from daily life, from comedic skits, pranks, recipes, and nature to celebrity clips.

Shorts were initially centered on mobile devices, but users have since embraced viewing them on computers and smart TVs. As you stream YouTube Shorts on your computer, you may come across great clips you want to download to your device.

Does YouTube allow you to download other people’s YouTube Shorts? No, there is no way to directly download Shorts onto your device. However, there are workarounds, including using third-party downloader tools.

Let’s dive deeper into how to download YouTube Shorts on PC using unofficial downloader tools.

Be Aware

YouTube is extremely strict about violating its terms of service and copyright laws. For this reason, only download YouTube Shorts for personal use and offline watching. If you are to share the video on other online platforms, credit the original creators appropriately.

How To Download YouTube Shorts on a PC?

Using third-party downloader tools is one of the most straightforward techniques to download YouTube Shorts. We will use SaveTube to demonstrate in this guide, but the technique is similar to other downloader tools.

Here is the step-by-step guide to downloading YouTube Shorts using SaveTube.

  1. Open YouTube on your PC.
  2. Locate the YouTube Short you want to download.
  3. Play the video.
  4. Click Share.”
  5. Select “Copy.”
  6. Navigate to the SaveTube website on another tab.
  7. Paste the YouTube Short link in the provided field. The tool starts loading the video data.
  8. Choose your preferred video quality and then click “Download.”

You have successfully downloaded the YouTube Short on your PC.

Be Careful

Also, be careful about the downloader tools you choose. Some may download extra files while downloading the YouTube Shorts, which endangers your gadgets. To be safe, ensure you have antivirus software on your PC before using third-party video downloaders.

Winding Up

Downloading YouTube Shorts on a PC is possible using unofficial downloader tools. Using these tools involves copying the video link and pasting it on the tool’s URL field.

The tool loads the video data and avails the video for download in several qualities. You can choose your preferred quality and download the video to your device.


Is there a way to download YouTube shorts?

Yes, you can download YouTube Shorts using third-party video downloaders like SaveTube, YouTube Shorts Downloader, and ShortsNood.

Are YouTube Shorts available on PC?

Yes, you can watch YouTube Shorts on PC. To do so, navigate to YouTube on your web browser and select “Shorts” on the main menu. Short-form videos will appear on your YouTube feed, and you can click on the arrow at the bottom right to view the next YouTube Short.

Can I download YouTube Shorts on my computer without unofficial software?

There is no way to download YouTube Shorts directly to your computer. The least you can do is save the video for offline viewing, but the video will remain on YouTube. You need to use third-party software to save the video on your device storage.

How do I download YouTube Shorts on my device without Premium?

Use third-party video downloaders to download YouTube Shorts on your device without a Premium subscription.

Which tool can I use to download YouTube Shorts for free?

Multiple third-party video downloaders let you download YouTube Shorts for free. These include SaveTube, ShortsSnoob, and YouTube Shorts Downloader.

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