Why Is My YouTube TV Blurry?

Why Is My Youtube Tv Blurry

Is your YouTube TV blurry? YouTube TV has become a reliable live TV streaming option, and its numerous channels make it worth subscribing to.

When you have an active subscription, it’s annoying whenever you open YouTube TV only to get a blurry video. The blurriness will affect your view, and, in this post, we will understand more why YouTube TV sometimes gets blurry.

Quick Answer

Different reasons can make YouTube TV appear blurry. The common one is that you have a slow internet connection. Besides, if you are streaming on a channel that doesn’t support 1080p, that’s another explanation for the blurriness. Issues with outdated streaming devices, DNS server glitches, etc., are also to blame for the YouTube TV blurriness.

We will discuss why YouTube TV is blurry and give the main causes of the problem. While discussing the causes, we will mention the solutions you should take to counteract each cause and fix the blurriness of your YouTube TV.

Why Is My YouTube TV Blurry?

YouTube offers the YouTube TV feature to give its users room to access live programming at a subscription fee. With YouTube TV, you can enjoy over 100 channels to get the best out of live sports, news, shows, movies, etc. Moreover, you can utilize options like Amazon Firestick, Roku, etc., to enjoy YouTube TV on your smart TV.

When enjoying the streaming, it’s disappointing that you may get a case where the display quality weakens, and you get a blurry experience. What causes this, and can it be fixed? It gets worse when other options, such as Netflix, have a clear display, but YouTube TV can’t seem to work as expected.

There are a few explanations for why you are getting a blurry view on your YouTube TV. We will discuss each possible cause in detail and mention a solution. Take a look!

Slow Internet Connection

Every streaming relies on an active and fast internet connection. However, that’s not always the case. When you try accessing YouTube TV with a weak internet speed, you will likely face glitches, and your streaming will appear blurry.

The slow internet speed lowers the streaming resolution, making your screen appear blurry and hindering a clear view. So, if you suspect you have a slow internet speed, the solution is to find a way to adjust the speed.

You can get a faster internet provider or upgrade your package to boost the speed. That way, your YouTube TV won’t appear blurry again.

Unsupported Resolution

Although YouTube TV has numerous channels, not all support streaming at higher resolutions, such as 1080p. It could be that the channel you are watching doesn’t support 1080p. If so, that explains why you are getting your video to appear blurry.

Not all channels support HDR (High Definition Resolution); switching to such a channel will automatically appear blurry. Try opening another channel and see if you still get the blurry video.

DNS Server Error

Still on the network, the DNS you are connected to can be a reason for the blurriness. When the DNS encounters issues, it will lower the streaming quality, which can be fixed by switching to a better DNS.

For instance, if you can connect to Google’s public DNS, you will enjoy better streaming quality, hence fixing your YouTube TV’s blurriness.

Outdate Streaming Software

When the software on your streaming device encounters glitches, it will affect your streaming. This is true when you experience blurriness, even on your other streaming devices. A quick fix for this is to update your streaming software.


You are not alone if you are facing a blurry YouTube TV experience. This post has explained what causes YouTube TV to appear blurry.

Moreover, we’ve mentioned a fix for the different causes that you can try and fix your YouTube TV’s blurriness. Hopefully, the mentioned causes and their solutions helped resolve your case. That’s it!

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