How To Get Subscribers on YouTube

How To Get Subscribers On Youtube

Every YouTuber’s goal is to create content that resonates with their audience and eventually grows their brand to have thousands of subscribers.

However, it’s common for beginners to make several avoidable mistakes and burn out before achieving their goals.

If you’re considering becoming a YouTube creator, learning how to get subscribers will help you avoid common mistakes and gain an organic subscriber base faster.

Quick Answer

To get subscribers on YouTube, you must refine your content to match your viewers’ needs. High-quality content is essential as it creates a positive experience and keeps them watching videos. Viewers who interact positively will eventually subscribe to your channel. Another essential tip is to make captivating intros. A good first impression gives viewers the wow factor to watch the videos and subscribe to your channel for more.

This post details various techniques to get more viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Overview of Getting Subscribers on YouTube

Subscribers are a significant part of building a YouTube brand as they dictate your level of influence on the platform.

Creators will monitor their subscription numbers to learn whether their content impacts their target audience. Marketing and advertising agencies also prefer to work with creators with thousands of subscribers.

If you’re a beginner, getting subscribers on YouTube can seem daunting. However, you should see positive progress in subscriber numbers with the techniques discussed below.

Next, we’ll discuss various ways to get subscribers on YouTube.

Tips for Getting Subscribers on YouTube

Here are some pointers to getting subscribers on YouTube.

Create High-Quality Content

One of the most crucial techniques to getting YouTube subscribers is to research and understand your audience so you can make high-quality videos that provide value to your viewers.

High-quality content means matching the video to your description and offering additional information a viewer may need.

For example, if you make “How To Videos,” ensure you cover all the necessary steps to perform a task successfully, research areas users struggle with, and include clarifications.

This way, the viewer will consider your video valuable as it covers all the necessary information.

Use Catchy Intros

Making a good first impression with a catchy introduction helps retain the viewer’s attention and convinces them to watch the video to the end.

Research shows that approximately 20% of viewers decide to watch or exit a video within the first few seconds. This means that the first 10 seconds are crucial to reel in viewers so they can see what you have to offer by watching the entire video.

Remember to keep the intro brief and concise. Viewers want to know what you’re offering within the first few seconds. The best intro length is between 5 and 10 seconds, and up to 15 seconds for long videos.

Make Short Videos

Several studies have proven that viewers have a short attention span. This means you only have a few minutes to wow your viewers before they exit the video and click on another.

In a platform as vast as YouTube, with thousands of creators with similar content, viewers want to ensure they invest their time watching a video that meets their needs.

Ensure you create short, impactful videos with excellent messaging and delivery for the best results. Shorter videos are more effective and memorable, characteristics that will increase your subscription numbers.

Create Playlists

YouTube playlists are one of the most effective ways to gain subscribers. Playlists allow creators to group related videos while keeping individual video lengths short.

Because playlists comprise related videos, a viewer can learn more about a topic through a sequence of your videos.

If your videos have all the qualities of an excellent video, from a captivating introduction to impactful content, the viewer will be impressed and want to subscribe to your channel.

Upload Videos Consistently

Part of building a YouTube community is showing viewers they have something to look forward to within a specific timeline.

Remember, some viewers must interact with several of your videos to become subscribers. Uploading videos consistently creates more engagement and wins viewers to become subscribers.

If you’re a beginner, keeping a sustainable schedule is the best way to ensure you post consistently. You can start with a weekly video and gradually increase to two or three weekly uploads as you learn your audience’s needs.

Use Powerful Call to Action (CTAs)

CTAs are an excellent way to convince a viewer your channel has everything they need. Some of the CTAs you can use include asking them to subscribe, redirecting to other videos for more information, and using end screens.

End screens are especially effective in gaining subscribers as they incorporate various actions like linking to another video or website, promoting another channel, and asking the viewer to subscribe.


Using the appropriate techniques to get subscribers on YouTube helps you avoid mistakes and start seeing results quickly.

Some tips to get YouTube subscribers include creating high-quality content, making catchy intros, creating playlists, and using powerful CTAs.

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