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Why Is My Ex Looking at My Instagram Stories?

Why Is My Ex Looking At My Instagram Stories

There is no doubt that Instagram has taken over as the social media platform of choice for many people. It’s a great way to share photos and videos with friends and family.

It can also be a way to keep tabs on what your ex is up to. If you’re wondering why your ex is looking at your Instagram stories, there could be a few reasons.

Quick Answer

Your ex may be trying to see what you’re up to and who you spend time with. Or, they may be curious about what you’ve been up to since the breakup. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that you don’t owe your ex any explanations. Just keep living your life, and don’t worry about what your ex is doing.

Let us explore some of the most common reasons your ex is watching your Instagram stories.

Reason #1: They Want to Get Back Together With You

One of the most common reasons for the question, “Why is my ex looking at my stories?” is that they want to get back together.

If your ex is looking at your stories, it’s a clear sign that they’re still interested in you. They may be trying to see what you’re up to and who you’re spending time with in hopes of getting back together.

If you’re not looking to get back together, it’s essential to be clear with your ex. Let them know that you’re not interested in getting back together and that you’d appreciate it if they stopped looking at your stories.

If they don’t listen, you may need to block them from seeing your stories altogether.

Reason #2: They’re Feeling Nostalgic


After a breakup, it’s normal to feel a sense of nostalgia for the good times you had together. If your ex is looking at your stories, they may hope to see something that will trigger those good memories.

If that’s the case, there’s not much you can do. It’s okay if your ex misses you or your time together.

However, if their name in the View section triggers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you can block them permanently.

Just try not to get drawn into their nostalgia trip. It’s important to remember that you’re better off without them and that the relationship is over for a reason.

Reason #3: They’re Jealous

One of the most bitter answers to why your ex is looking at your Instagram stories is their jealousy.

It might imply that they are feeling a void in their life. Or they might feel unhappy with you leading a sorted life after a bad breakup. 

This can be excruciating, but it’s important to remember that you don’t owe your ex any explanations.

So don’t stress, as the person who is jealous of your happiness isn’t worthy of being in a relationship with you in the first place.

Keep in Mind

Your ex seems to like your Instagram stories if they are one of the top viewers, which could mean something.

Reason #4: They Want to See What You’re Up To

Another common reason your ex may be looking at your stories is that they want to see what you’re doing.

If they’re curious about what you’ve been up to since the breakup, checking your stories is an excellent way for them to get a glimpse into your life.

Since everyone takes a breakup differently, it might be possible they cannot move on or want to check on you for old times’ sake.

However, if you no longer like to share the details of your life with them, you can choose to block them anytime.

Reason #5: They Want to Be Friends With You


It is very likely for people to take some time to absorb a breakup, especially if the relationship was long and meaningful.

Your ex is looking at your Instagram stories because they still want you in their life, maybe not as a romantic partner, but as a friend.

Now the decision lies in your hands. You have to choose to take a step and confront them to know for sure about their intentions. If you feel like all they want is to stay in touch, you can decide if you wish to do the same or not.

Talk It Out

The most important tip I could give is to confront your ex. It is obviously bothering you if you ask yourself why your ex is looking at your Instagram stories.

Why don’t you ask them instead of imagining all the plausible scenarios? Or, if you don’t want to go through the trouble, the option of blocking them is always available.

To Sum Up

If your ex constantly watches your Instagram stories, there’s a 60-70 percent chance they do it on purpose. The causes may differ, and there may be others in addition to those mentioned above.

Nonetheless, they are, without a doubt, the most common explanations. Who knows, maybe they still desire your return.

On the other hand, it’s possible that they are simply bored, as seen by their constant examination of everyone’s story. Maybe they don’t have anything else to do.

Look for more indications regarding their actions. For instance, keep an eye on whether they engage with any of your posts. That could assist you in locating the answer.


Why does my ex hide their stories from me?

It is highly possible that after a breakup, your ex will hide their Instagram stories from you. It can be possible for multiple reasons, like they don’t want you to know what is happening in their lives, they no longer want to be a part of your inner circle, or they just get triggered when they see your name in their story views.

Is my ex trying to get my attention on social media?

If you have outgrown your ex after a breakup and they are still viewing your stories, it could mean they are trying to get your attention. Furthermore, if you are asking yourself this question, you still have a soft corner for them, and it’s bothering you that they are stalking you on Instagram.

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