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What Is “SRS” on Reddit?

What Is Srs On Reddit

Are you a Reddit user? Reddit is an online community where people with various hobbies and interests can join and network.

Reddit utilizes subreddits which are categories that focus on given topics, and people can join a subreddit.

Things can seem overwhelming for someone starting out with Reddit; when abbreviations come into play, they can get more confusing.

So you might have encountered the term “SRS” on Reddit and are now wondering what it means.

Quick Answer

“SRS” is an abbreviation for r/ShitRedditSays and is a subreddit that claims to be a circlejerk focusing on various controversial topics like feminist topics, etc. “SRS” is among the most hated subreddit, but people can’t help but get curious about what it means and whether they should join.

This guide explains everything you should know about “SRS” on Reddit. We will discuss what “SRS” is and its subreddit page and answer the question, “should I join SRS on Reddit?” Also, we will discuss questions most users ask regarding “SRS”.

What is “SRS” on Reddit?

Reddit is home to many subreddits, which are basically categories that focus on given interests, and other Reddit users can join the category and participate in the topics and discussions.

One such subreddit is the “SRS”. The phrase “SRS” is common on Reddit, and it stands for r/ShitRedditSays. It is a subreddit created on Sept 8, 2010, and currently has over 154K members.

The “SRS” is among the most hated subreddits on Reddit, and everyone has their reason for hating it.

According to its FAQ, “SRS” claims to be a place, where everyone is free to express themselves on various topics they feel are out of place

They term “SRS” to be a room for anyone who feels and knows that what they want to speak about will be considered offensive, but they still want to speak about it and not someone who wants to know why a given thing is considered offensive.

Most Reddit users considered “SRS” a bad place whose creators aim to mock people and practice other acts of harassment and hate speech. At the end of the day, everyone has their view, and those in the r/ShitRedditSays feel justified to do whatever they do and take pride in their actions.

Should I Join “SRS”?

Many controversies revolve around “SRS”. If you are someone who doesn’t mind speaking out their mind, suffering the downvote, or talking about all topics even when harassed, then you are welcome to join “SRS”.

Besides, “SRS” considers itself a place for anyone who already knows why some things are offensive and not someone who is joining the place to understand why something is offensive. If you feel that description matches who you are, then go ahead and join.

On the contrary, “SRS” is not the place for you if you are fragile or rather sensitive on topics that touch on feminism, harassment, and other offensive acts. There is a reason why SRS is the most hated subreddit, and this is because people don’t care what they speak and everyone feels justified talking about something others consider offensive.

So, if you know you can’t handle such emotional torture, there is no point in joining the subreddit. Nonetheless, you can visit its page, scroll through its “About” section, and, based on what you see and read, decide on what to do.


SRS stands for r/ShitRedditSays and is a subreddit thread with thousands of followers.

This guide has covered everything you should know about SRS, including answering the question of whether you should join SRS or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “SRS” on Reddit?

“SRS” stands for r/ShitRedditSays, a subreddit focusing on offensive content that doesn’t care about everyone else’s thoughts. Furthermore, “SRS” is the most hated Reddit subreddit, and you can check out their thread to see what makes it controversial.

Can I join “SRS”?

Yes, you can. However, it’s recommended that you first go through their rules and FAQs. If you feel no harm in joining the subreddit, feel free to click the join button and await approval.

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