Why Is My Discord Bot Offline?

Why Is My Discord Bot Offline

Discord is the largest VoIP platform used by gamers to communicate. When you have a Discord account, you can create your Discord server from the main window and select who to invite to your server. It could be you are creating your gaming server or a private server.

Once you have a server, you can invite a public bot or create one to help you manage your server activities. However, you can create a bot only to discover it’s offline. We will discuss why that is so.

Quick Answer

After creating a Discord bot, you must set its status to online. It could be you’ve not started your bot or didn’t set its status to online. Moreover, it could be you’ve not granted it the required permissions to remain online, or there is a bug in your code. Another reason is that Discord may be experiencing an outage with its servers, or you have network problems causing your Discord to stay offline.

We will begin by understanding if creating your Discord bot is possible. Afterward, we will discuss common causes why your Discord bot is offline and conclude with common questions users ask about Discord bots.

Can I Create a Discord Bot?

Yes, you can. There are multiple Discord bots available online. Bots are how server administrators automate tasks, such as playing music. Bots are handy in managing a server; users can interact with the added bot using its various commands.

You can invite public bots into your Discord server. Alternatively, if you have basic coding skills, you can create your bot using various tools, such as Discord.js. Discord allows people to create bots and use them for their servers.

So, if you want a customized bot, you can code one for your server and host it on a server for it to be online and usable.

Why Is My Discord Bot Offline?

A Discord bot is only usable if it’s online. If using public Discord bots, likely, you won’t experience any issues, such as the bot being offline. However, if you create your bot, many creators have challenges with keeping the bot online 24/7. Managing the bot and hosting it online has its set of issues.

If your bot displays offline, let’s check the common explanations for the error.

Issue With Code

Creating a Discord bot involves coding. So, one explanation is that there is an error in your code that you failed to debug, causing the bot to remain offline. Still, it could be you didn’t connect its token or never set the bot to online in your code.

Also, have you started the bot? You can code a bot and fail to start it. If that’s so, it will be offline. So, check your code and related problems to see if they are the cause.

Server Outage

On rare occasions, Discord servers could experience an outrage affecting how Discord performs. Also, it could be the VPS server where you’ve hosted your bot has an outage, making it inaccessible. So, check with the hosting platform to confirm.

Connectivity Error

When your network lags, it affects the status of your bot. Discord requires a stable internet connection for all activities to execute as expected. If your bot displays offline, it could be an issue with your network. So, check on that.

Change Your Internet Connection Wifi Data

Discord Permissions

Sometimes, a bot can be offline because you’ve not granted it all the required permissions. So, ensure your bot has all permissions it requires to work correctly and give it the needed roles.

Discord Permissions


It’s a common problem for most users to experience their bots being offline, yet they expect them to be online. If you face such an issue, check your code, network, and the bot’s permissions. Those are the common explanations for why your Discord bot is offline. This post has discussed the explanations in detail. Hopefully, you can now troubleshoot your bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Discord bot offline?

If your bot is offline, it could be you’ve not granted it the required permissions. Also, your network connectivity is likely poor, or Discord has a server outage. Moreover, it will remain offline if you have an error in your code or don’t set the bot to start.

Can a bot stay online 24/7?

Yes, it can. It all depends on where the bot is hosted. Popular bots like Hydra are ever online; anyone can invite them to their server. If you make your bot public and host it, others can access it 24/7, provided it’s active.

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