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Why Is Messenger So Slow on iPhone?

Why Is Messenger So Slow On Iphone

Messenger is how Facebook friends connect and communicate. Messenger is a standalone application provided by Facebook for people to connect.

You can use the Messenger application or access it via the browser. The problem occurs when Messenger starts lagging when using it, and many iPhone users have reported experiencing this error. If you are experiencing the same, you will have a solution by the end of this guide.

Quick Answer

Messenger requires resources to run. The causes of why it lags on iPhone include network connectivity errors, a glitch with the Messenger app, corrupted web cookies, an error with installed themes, or the Messenger server could be down.

We will cover causes for Messenger lagging on iPhone. Also, we will understand the various fixes you can apply to help fix the error. Ready? Let’s roll!

Why Is Messenger So Slow on iPhone

Many people rely on Messenger for communication. You can chat or call any of your Facebook friends using Messenger; it can get frustrating when it starts to lag. With the many Messenger users globally, it’s common for cases of Messenger being slow on iPhone to get reported.

Messenger can be accessed as a standalone, meaning more resources are required to run Facebook and Messenger separately. So, what causes Messenger to be so slow on iPhone?

Reason #1: Network Connection Error

Messenger requires the internet to sync data and facilitate communication. Besides, all communication goes through the server, and you must have a stable connection to connect to the server.

So, if you have a weak or unstable internet connection, it will hinder your connectivity, which will lag Messenger from performing as expected. It could be an issue with your Wi-Fi connection or your cellular data being completed.

Reason #2: Error With Browser Cookies and Cache

If accessing Messenger on your iPhone via the browser version, the cookies and cache may affect how Messenger behaves. Messenger will load slowly if the cache and cookies are corrupted, and other tabs may experience a glitch.

Cache works in favor of Messenger, but when corrupted, it will reduce the performance of Facebook Messenger.

Reason #3: Glitch with Messenger App

Like other apps, Messenger may experience an internal glitch affecting its performance.

The glitch may be due to the app being outdated or other technical issues. You may notice the app slowing down on your iPhone when that happens.

Other issues, such as the app crashing, may accompany the technical glitch. We will see how to fix that later.

Reason #4: Server Downtime

Messenger has a server that it connects to for communication. When the server experiences downtime, making it inaccessible, the impact will be felt on the Messenger applications.

So, your Messenger may be slow because the server is experiencing an error, hindering its normal performance.

Reason #5: Installed Themes

There is no harm in adding themes to your Messenger app to customize its appearance. However, these themes often hinder the performance of Messenger.

So, if you notice your Messenger app being slow, the themes could be causing it.

How To Fix It When Messenger is So Slow

You don’t have to put up with a slow Messenger. There are different tricks you can use to enhance its performance.

They include the following.

Method #1: Restart Messenger App

A quick fix for a slow Messenger is to restart the application. If using the Messenger mobile application, close it and open it from the launcher.

Doing so helps restart services and make Messenger start new. Hopefully, that will improve its performance.

Method #2: Update Messenger

Sometimes, an outdated Messenger version could be the reason it’s slow.

So, is your Messenger updated? If not, update it.

Open the App Store and check if there is an available update for Messenger. If available, click on it to download and install the update.

Method #3: Clear the Browser Cookies and Cache

If Messenger is slow when accessing it via a browser, open the settings of the particular browser. Locate the option for cache and cookies, then clear them.

Log out of Facebook, then re-access it. Hopefully, Messenger has improved in performance.

Method #4: Remove Installed Themes

If you have installed custom themes on Messenger, consider removing them. Regaining the default settings will enhance Messenger’s speed.

Method #5: Fix Your Internet Connection

Check that you have an active data subscription. Also, check that your router is connected and your Wi-Fi is working correctly. If not, contact your ISP to check with them.


Reasons, why Messenger is slow on iPhone, include internet connectivity, server error, technical glitch, and installed themes.

We’ve discussed the causes and solutions in depth. Try the solutions to troubleshoot your Messenger.

Hopefully, you will find a solution that works for your case and enhances your Messenger’s performance.

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