How To Pass Time in Zoom Class

How To Pass Time In Zoom Class

Zoom classes are becoming a norm nowadays, and you may find yourself in such a class sometimes. Although people are excited about virtual meetings, you may struggle to open your eyes and actively participate in such meetings. That is why you need creative ways of passing the time in a Zoom class, as illustrated in this post.

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You can do several things to ensure you pass the time in a Zoom class. Taking notes during a Zoom class is the easiest way of not noticing the class has taken too long before it ends. You can also ask questions to pass the time or draw something using paper and pencil.

Zoom classes becoming boring is not new, and it is normal to feel bored. This post has presented various tricks to pass the time in a Zoom class. If you have been feeling bored during Zoom classes, read the post for numerous tricks!

7 Tricks on How To Pass Time in Zoom Class

Zoom classes can be boring sometimes, and it is okay to feel like you are not following. But if the class is going to be conducted every day, you will want to develop a mechanism of coping with it such that you can benefit, although it is not interesting.

The following are the recommended ways you can use to pass the time in a Zoom class.

Try Listening and Taking Notes

One of the simplest ways of ensuring you don’t spend too much time thinking about when a class will be over is taking some notes. Although you don’t love what you are doing, taking notes will help you develop interest and forget you were bored.

You are bored because you don’t know what the teacher is talking about, and if you continue sitting and waiting for the class to be over, it will take longer. Additionally, some research has indicated that writing tends to cure boredom.

Draw Something

If you think there is no way to actively listen and try taking notes, illustrating something in a drawing is an excellent way to pass the time. Drawing something is like taking notes, and it won’t make your teacher angry as he would think you are actively listening.

Moreover, if possible, draw something related to what you are learning to help you learn something small at the end f the class.

Try Asking Questions

Engaging in Zoom classes is a good way of ensuring you don’t get bored. Sitting and waiting for the class to end may seem like forever, but if you try engaging in the class by asking questions, time will pass quickly without you noticing.

Engage in Creative Writing

If you are not good at drawing something, you can think of something interesting, like a poem, and write it down. If you are creative, you can think of a short story and compose a short screenplay.

Engaging in creative writing will enable you to get distracted away from the class and allow you to pass the time quickly. Also, you will look like you are taking notes, and you will not raise suspicions from the teacher.

Create a To-Do List

When you find it hard to concentrate during a class, it is best if you update your planner and create a to-do list regarding your class assignments and revisions you need to do.

This will be a good time to take note of the topic the teacher covered such that you can plan for it when you are sober some other time.

Do Other Class Assignment

It is recommended to find a pending assignment and start doing it when it is hard to concentrate in a Zoom class. Doing a different assignment is not encouraged but is good for passing the time.

Moreover, if there is an assignment for the class and you are feeling bored, it is better to start doing it early, and your teacher will think you are taking notes.

Take a Break

If you feel you cannot continue with a given Zoom class, it is best to request permission from your teacher and take a short break. While taking a break, do something interesting like jogging to improve your concentration in class.

Although taking a break may enable you to regain focus, it is not encouraged often to avoid annoying your teacher with frequent breaks.


Zoom classes are becoming a norm, and learners sometimes find it hard to focus fully. If you are in a Zoom class and feel you need to do something to pass the time, this guide has explained seven ideas. With these ideas, you will not notice you have finished one hour in a boring class.

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What to do to pass the time in a Zoom class?

If you find focusing in a Zoom class challenging, you can take notes, ask questions, and draw something in a book.

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