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How To Save a PDF From Messenger

How To Save A Pdf From Messenger

Messenger has been around for quite some time as the messaging platform that has become stiff competition for WhatsApp. Ironically both platforms are from Facebook (Meta), but still, people compare both.

Messenger has many features on par with WhatsApp, except one. For the longest, Messenger did not allow users to send PDF or other document files on Messenger.

Fortunately, Messenger has resolved this grievance of the users now. Messenger allows you to send PDF files and also download them. If you cannot wrap your head around how to save PDF files received on Messenger, we can help you.

Quick Answer

To save a PDF file received from Messenger on iOS, tap on the file to open it. Next, tap the “Share” icon and go to Safari browser to save the PDF file to iCloud. On Android, tap on the shared PDF file to be redirected to a browser to download the file in Google Drive or OneDrive. Messenger website users can click on the received PDF file to start the auto-download of the file on computers.

Let us walk you through the complete guide to saving PDF files from Messenger on your computer and Android or iOS device.

How To Share PDF Files on Messenger

Sharing files on the Messenger web version is an easy endeavor. All you need to do is locate the chat to whom you want to send PDF files and open it.

  1. Next, tap the “Attach a file” button on your left next to the “text box.” Tap The&Nbsp;Attach A File&Nbsp;Button
  2. Now, select the files from any folder on your desktop to share them on Messenger.Select The Files To Share On Messenger

iPhone users can locate the PDF file anywhere saved in their device (iCloud Drive or Phone) and open it there.

  1. Then tap on the little share icon at the bottom and select the “Messenger” app from the apps featured.
  2. Select any contact to whom you want to send the file and tap “Send” to send the PDF file.

Android users can use Messenger Lite to send PDF files, as the Messenger Android app does not support this function.

Step-by-Step Guide To Save PDF Files From Messenger

It is the step-by-step guide to help you save PDF files on your devices received from Messenger.

On Desktop

It is easier to save PDF files received from Messenger via the web version on the browser. Follow these steps.

  1. First, open your browser and navigate to the Messenger website.Messenger Website Facebook
  2. Now, find and open the chat that shared PDF files with you.Chats&Nbsp;Tab To Open Messages
  3. Next, tap on the “Media and files” option on the window at your right to view all the files shared in the conversation.Tap On The&Nbsp;Media, Files And Links&Nbsp;Option
  4. Once you locate the file, click on it to start downloading.Click On The File&Nbsp;To Start Downloading

Now, you can find it in your Windows computer’s “Downloads” folder to open it or move it to other folders. 


You can open the Facebook app to access Messenger chat.

On Android

First, let’s talk about how to save PDFs from the Messenger Android app.

  1. Launch the Messenger app on your Android phone.Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Find and open the chat where you have received the file.Locate The Conversation On Messenger Chat
  3. Tap the “i” button on the top right and then tap on “View media, files, and links” to see all the files shared.Tap On&Nbsp;View Media, Files And Links
  4. Open the “Files” tab, find your desired PDF file, and tap it.Find Your Pdf File Under Files Tab
  5. Tap on the “Download” button in the pop-up.Tap On The&Nbsp;Download&Nbsp;Button In The Pop-Up.
  6. Your phone’s browser will now open, where you need to confirm the download again.Confirm The Download Again

Once the file is downloaded, you can locate it on Google Drive or OneDrive. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can find pdf downloaded files there too.

On iPhone

  1. Launch the Messenger app and find the chat where your target files exist.Launch The Messenger App And Tap On The Target Chat
  2. Tap on the username on top of the specific chat window.Tap On The Username
  3. Select “View media & files” from the menu.Select View Media &Amp; Files From The Menu.
  4. Under “Files,” find the target PDF file and tap on it.Under Files, Find The Target Pdf File
  5. As soon as you tap it, it will instantly open.Pdf File Opens
  6. Now, tap the share icon at the bottom right of the file.Tap The Share Icon At The Bottom
  7. Tap on “Open in Safari” from the menu. You will be redirected to the Safari browser. Tap On Open In Safari From The Menu
  8. Tap the share icon again on the browser and select “Save to Files” to download the file to your iPhone.Select Save To Files 


Messenger allows you to share PDF files and save them conveniently on your devices to access them whenever you want.

Unfortunately, for Android users, the sharing PDF files feature is still missing; on iOS, the process is still not as straightforward as on WhatsApp. So, we can say Messenger still has to go a long way to be on par with WhatsApp with this function.

For now, use our guide to share PDF files on Messenger on all kinds of devices and also download them for easy access.

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