How To Greet an Interviewer on Zoom

How To Greet Interviewer On Zoom

Virtual interviews have become a thing, and organizations, especially those offering remote jobs, use videoconferencing applications like Zoom for remote interviews.

When preparing for a Zoom interview, there are different things you must consider, including how you greet the interviewer, as that can impact your chances of securing the opportunity.

Besides, some interviewers are keen and sensitive about how you greet them.

So, what’s the best way to greet an interviewer?

Quick Answer

First, you must be polite and use formal language to greet the interviewer. Besides, ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer and mirror their greeting.

This guide covers the factors to consider when greeting an interviewer. We will discuss why interviewer greetings are crucial and offer examples of properly greeting your interviewer on Zoom.

Why Are Zoom Interviewer Greetings Crucial?

When you have a Zoom interview, knowing how to greet the interviewer properly is essential and can impact your chances of securing the opportunity.

How you greet the interviewer creates the first impression, and the interviewer can form an opinion based on the greeting.

So, you must create a good first impression with your greeting to pave the way for more interaction with the interviewer.

When you have a perfect greeting, you can easily secure the opportunity.

Most virtual interviewers appreciate etiquette expressed in the greeting.

How To Greet Interviewer on Zoom

Unfortunately, many people fail in their greetings when in a virtual interviewer. Unlike how you could firmly shake hands with the interview panel, virtual interviews rely on how you greet the interviewer.

Greetings seem an obvious task, but small tweaks in your greeting can go the extra mile to impact the interviewer’s decision.

To remain safe, you must consider various aspects of your greeting. Take a look!

Tip #1: Be Polite

When greeting the interviewer, be polite. Avoid terms that seem rude.

Instead, be courteous in the greeting and use courteous keywords like “thank you.”

Also, ensure you refer to the interviewer with the right name.

For instance, only use “Sir” when referring to a male interviewer.

Still, don’t use nicknames to greet the interviewer, regardless of whether you know each other.

Tip #2: Using Formal Language

A Zoom interview is a formal occasion; you must dress and communicate formally.

So, ensure you formally greet the interviewer.

Use courteous words like “thank you,” “nice to meet you,” “it’s an honor,” etc.

Also, avoid informal greetings, such as Hey, how’s it going?

Many people fail at keeping a Zoom interview formal, as it feels like you are chatting with your friends online.

Tip #3: Maintain Eye Contact

The interviewer is keen on your body movement and expression in an interview. So, ensure you maintain eye contact while greeting them.

That way, you will appear more confident in your greetings and display good communication etiquette.

Tip #4: Mirror the Interviewer

For interviews, it’s recommended to mirror the greetings.

For instance, when someone asks, “How do you do?mirror the greeting by responding, “How do you do?

Still, if someone uses phrases such as “pleased/glad to meet you,” mirror the same in your greeting.

Here’s an example:

  • Interviewer: Hello, you must be Mike. How do you do?
  • Your response: How do you do, Mr. Terry?

In such a case, you’ve mirrored the interviewer’s greeting formally.

Tip #5: Use the Correct Title

When greeting someone, you should avoid using titles that imply marital status.

For instance, if greeting a female interviewer, avoid a keyword like “Mrs.” Such a keyword refers to a married woman, which may not be the case.

Instead, a keyword like “Ms” for a younger woman or “Ma’am” for an older female interviewer will work best.

Here’s an example of a good greeting: Hello, ma’am. Pleased to meet you.”


How you greet your interviewer matters a lot when in a Zoom interview.

You must remain polite and formal, maintain eye contact, and use the right salutation terms.

This post has covered how to greet an interviewer on Zoom.

Use the presented guidelines in your next Zoom interview.

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