How Much Do Discord Bots Cost?

How Much Do Discord Bots Cost

When you want to automate tasks on Discord, using bots quickly is a reliable approach. Numerous bots are publicly available for anyone to invite to their server.

After finding the bot, you can add it to your server provided you are the owner or have the “manage server” permissions. So, how much do Discord bots cost? Stick around and find out the answer.

Quick Answer

There is no specific cost for Discord bots. Most publicly available Discord bots are free; anyone can use them on their server. However, even the free Discord bots have a premium version. To access this premium version, you must get a monthly or yearly subscription to the bot. For instance, the MEE6 bot is available to anyone, but you can pay for a lifetime license to unlock all its features in your Discord server.

We will cover Discord bots. We will discuss what they are, how to add them to your server, and how much it costs to access a Discord bot. Moreover, we will present some frequently asked questions.

What Are Discord Bots?

Discord was developed to support gaming and streaming. The VoIP application is available for mobile, desktop, and browser. Discord lets you communicate with friends via chats or voice channels in real time.

Furthermore, you can create servers and invite bots to help run different tasks. A Discord bot is an AI tool designed to act like a server member to help execute various tasks. Discord bots rely on the defined roles to perform multiple tasks, such as server moderation, playing music, kicking out members, etc.

Discord users can create a Discord bot on the Discord Developer Portal. Once the bot is coded, it is released for anyone to use by adding it to their server and granting it the various permissions required to execute tasks. The Discord bot will have the “Bot” tag on its name to ensure any member won’t miss seeing it.

When the bot is added to a Discord server, its commands are used to execute tasks. Each bot has its command set, and members can execute the commands to initiate tasks. For instance, when you add a music Discord bot, anyone on the server can play a song, skip the current one, vote, etc.

How To Use Discord Bots

Each bot has a prefix it uses for its commands. Most prefixes are slashes or exclamation marks. For instance, you can play a song with a music bot using the “/play <music-name>” if the bot uses the slash prefix.

Before we get to executing the commands, you must find a way of adding the bot to your server. That’s achieved by inviting the bot using the guide below.

  1. Start by creating a Discord server where to invite the bot.
  2. Visit the bot’s website.
  3. Click the “Invite” or “Add to Discord” button.
  4. Ensure you are logged in to Discord on your browser. If not, you must log in.
  5. Choose your target server where you wish to add the bot.
  6. Authorize the bot access to the required commands.
  7. Complete the process by marking the Captcha.

You now have the target bot added to your server. When you open the server, you can use its commands to work with the added bot.

How Much Do Discord Bots Cost?

Many Discord bot developers create their bots to be freely used and accessible to anyone. Hosting a Discord bot requires about $3 to $10 monthly, and many developers don’t see the need to add a price tag to their bots.

However, when you want to access premium features offered by the particular bot, you may have to get its license to unlock them. Only then do you incur the cost of using a Discord bot. A moderator bot like MEE6 has numerous features on its free plan.

Suppose you want to unlock all the available features. You must get its paid plan for $11.95 monthly or take the lifetime purchase of $89.90. The owners add this cost to help manage the bot and integrate updates.


Discord bots are free to use, but you can incur a cost when you want to unlock their premium features. Again, not all bots offer this option, and you may not incur a fee at any point. We’ve discussed Discord bots, how to use them, and how much they cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Discord bots?

You can search for public Discord bots on sites like top.gg, Disboard, etc. An online search will help you find various bots.

How much do Discord bots cost?

Discord bots are free to use. However, some have a premium offer for those looking to unlock the full potential of the particular bot. You get these premium features at a cost that varies depending on the bot.

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