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Why Does My Messenger Say Unavailable?

Why Does My Messenger Say Unavailable

You open up Messenger because there is something exciting that you want to share with your friend, but once the app is loaded, you can’t find their name on your contact list. But something caught your eye: “This person is unavailable on Messenger.” That person could be your friend.

But the question is, what does “unavailable” mean on Messenger?

Quick Answer

There are many possible reasons why someone is unavailable. But to put it simply, if the Facebook user deactivated or permanently deleted their account, if Facebook banned them, if they blocked you, or if you blocked them, they would be unavailable on Messenger. Some technical or app issues could also cause it.

When a person is unavailable on Messenger, you will not be able to message them even if you had a previous conversation. Sometimes, it is their doing. Other times, Facebook might be doing something on the back end, and it causes glitches in the app — and you will need to wait until it is fixed before you can message them if this is the case.

This article will explain why your Messenger might say “unavailable.”

Why Does My Messenger Say Unavailable?

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps today. When you create an account on Facebook, you will automatically be on Messenger. That said, if there are 2.9 billion Facebook users, there are also 2.94 billion Messenger users – and it could be more because anyone can use Messenger without being on Facebook!

If you blocked your friend, you shouldn’t be surprised if you can’t message them anymore on Messenger. But if you did not, here are other reasons why your Messenger says “unavailable.”

Reason #1: They Deleted Their Facebook Account

Suppose a Facebook user permanently deletes their account. In that case, all of their Facebook data will be deleted (they can download their data before they confirm the deletion), and no one will be able to contact them. It is as simple as that.

Reason #2: They Deactivated Their Messenger

Deleting a Facebook account is permanent, but deactivating is temporary, so anyone who opts for deactivation can choose whether to be on Messenger or not. In other words, they will disappear on Facebook (until they reactivate), but they will still be on Messenger until they deactivate their Messenger.

Years ago, Messenger was just part of Facebook. Today, even though both are connected, they are two different platforms that the same company owns. Deactivating Messenger while the Facebook account is up and running is impossible. The Facebook account must be deactivated first before they deactivate Messenger.

Reason #3: Facebook Banned or Restricted Their Facebook Account

Facebook bans and restricts accounts that violate its terms and policies, which is a possible reason. Suppose your friend did something on Facebook that either harms other Facebook users or the Facebook platform itself. In that case, they will need to reach out to Facebook’s management to make their account available again.

But it is still up to Facebook.

If your friend could prove that Facebook did it by mistake, they could appeal. But if the evidence is solid and they are guilty, they will be banned for good.

Reason #4: They Blocked You on Facebook

If a Facebook user blocks another user, neither will see the other on Facebook and Messenger. If you want to know if you were blocked, borrow someone else’s Facebook account and search for their profile using it. If their profile shows up, they blocked you (or you may have blocked them).

If their account doesn’t show up, they might have deleted or deactivated their account if it didn’t show up.

Reason #5: Facebook Has Technical Issues

Sometimes, it is not your fault or your friend’s fault. Facebook is just having some technical issues with the Messenger app or Facebook. As we all know, Meta keeps adding more and more features to Facebook to make it more user-friendly and to keep up with the ever-changing world.

The issues will be resolved shortly by the developers.

Reason #6: Your Facebook Messenger App Might Have a Bug

Mobile apps can have issues that Meta does not cause. App issues are usually caused by problems on the device where it is installed. It could be issues regarding compatibility or something more serious like your device got a virus.

The solution depends on the issue. But most cases, it is resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Messenger app. Also, make sure the app is up to date!


Almost everyone uses Messenger to communicate with friends, family, customers, and just anyone, as it is easy to use. It is also fun because of the other things you can do in the app apart from messaging, such as post Stories, watch a movie with your friends, personalizing your chats, and many more!

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