How Often Should You FaceTime Your Girlfriend

How Often Should You Facetime Your Girlfriend

When dating, you need all the tips you can get to boost your relationship and bring you closer to your loved one. Besides, communication is key for every relationship, especially in a long-distance relationship.

Apart from messaging your girlfriend, FaceTime is also crucial as it strengthens the vibe when you talk to each other in a video call and creates a one-on-one bonding. So, how often should you FaceTime your girlfriend?

Quick Answer

The frequency of FaceTime depends on various factors. If in a long-distance relationship, consider Facetiming at least once daily for a few minutes. If you live together, you can FaceTime after a few days or when you are away for work and won’t return the same day. If your girlfriend works with a busy schedule, you can FaceTime before she sleeps or during weekends. Ideally, it all depends on what works for your relationship.

We will begin by discussing the importance of FaceTime in a relationship. Afterward, we will discuss how often you should FaceTime your girlfriend and the factors that affect the frequency of FaceTime.

Why FaceTime Your Girlfriend?

Staying in touch can be a challenge, especially with people’s busy schedules. Most people often communicate via emails and chats, but that doesn’t bring the face-to-face connection to spice things up in a relationship. However, you can use FaceTime to video call your girlfriend and bond with her.

If you have doubts about why FaceTime is crucial, check the following facts.

FaceTime Helps Create Deeper Communication

Chats and calls are great, but FaceTime is better. Why? FaceTime gives you a face-to-face connection with your girlfriend. You can listen to her as she speaks. Seeing each other sparks the relationship, and you can express your love more.

Girls love it when their boyfriends FaceTime them, especially during weekends or at night before they speak. So, if you want to create a deeper connection with your girlfriend, FaceTime is your best option.

Good for Solving Problems

When you have an issue that requires a discussion, FaceTime is the perfect way to solve it. With FaceTime, you can discuss your issue boldly while looking at each other. That way, you save the energy of typing long sentences and explanations.

Moreover, if you want to plan something with your girlfriend, such as a purchase deal, investment, etc., FaceTime lets you communicate as if you were sitting beside each other.

Good Way To Admire Your Partner

Girls love compliments and if you want an excellent way to make your girlfriend feel appreciated, consider using FaceTime. That way, the face-to-face will give you an excellent spot to admire and compliment her on her beauty. Besides, you can complement her dressing hairstyle, makeup, etc.

That way, you will have boosted your relationship and added a spark to your love.

How Often Should You FaceTime Your Girlfriend

We’ve understood why Facetiming your girlfriend works in favor of your relationship. The next question is how long or often should you FaceTime her?

FaceTime takes more time than chats or emails. Besides, FaceTime requires you to dedicate a specific amount of time; depending on how long you FaceTime, it can disrupt your routine.

There are no specific times that you should FaceTime your girlfriend. However, if you are in a long-distance relationship, consider Facetiming her once a day for a few minutes. If daily is not possible, a few times a week or during the weekend is also a great option.

If you live together, you can FaceTime when you get a break at your workplace or when you must speak to her. Besides, if you’ve not texted her during the day or were held up with work, spare a few minutes to FaceTime her.

How often you FaceTime your girlfriend depends on various factors, including the distance or frequency of seeing each other, work schedules, availability, and your relationship. Once you consider those factors, you can know how often to FaceTime your girlfriend.


FaceTime is a great way to communicate and catch up with your girlfriend. You can FaceTime her once a day, a few times throughout the week, or any number of times you prefer, depending on your availability and her preference. This guide has discussed why FaceTime is essential and hinted at how often to FaceTime your girlfriend.

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