Why Does My FaceTime Hang Up After 4 Hours?

Why Does My Facetime Hang Up After 4 Hours

FaceTime offers a fun way to catch up with your friends and loved ones, and seeing each while talking strengthens a bond.

When you have your partner working in a distant location, FaceTime is one way to keep in touch, and you would want to FaceTime all night during the weekend.

Unfortunately, some users have had difficulty as FaceTime keeps hanging up after four hours.

Why does this happen?

Quick Answer

Ideally, your iPhone should allow you to FaceTime as long as you want. Some users have managed to FaceTime overnight and for over 20 hours. So, if your FaceTime automatically hangs up after four hours, something is affecting this. The common explanation is that your carrier has limited how long you can have a one-time call. Again, if the person you call hangs up or their internet or your internet drops, FaceTime will hang up.

We will guide you in understanding why your FaceTime hangs up after four hours. We will also mention a few fixes you can use to help eliminate this error. Moreover, we will present other causes why FaceTime may keep hanging randomly.

Does FaceTime Have a Call Limit?

iOS users can conveniently video call with their friends using FaceTime. Most people use FaceTime to connect with their friends, especially on weekends.

It’s common for friends to challenge each other to have a group FaceTime and see who will fall asleep as the last person.

Moreover, partners rely on FaceTime to kill the weekend boredom when their partners work in different locations.

So how long should FaceTime be? FaceTime has no call limit, and you can FaceTime with your loved one for the longest period, provided you have a stable internet connection to keep you connected.

With FaceTime, your only limit is your internet connection, carrier, battery percentage, or if one of you hangs up.

Why Does My FaceTime Hang Up After 4 Hours?

It’s unfortunate that your FaceTime hangs up after four hours.

Other people have long FaceTime for multiple hours, and when your case is different, it can get confusing why your FaceTime keeps disconnecting after four hours.

It could be you want FaceTime throughout the night, and it disappoints when it hangs up after four hours.

FaceTime doesn’t limit your call. So, if it hangs up, the issue is not with FaceTime or Apple. In most cases, the problem is with the carrier.

Some carriers put a limitation on FaceTime calls. The idea is to limit how long a call can be.

If the carrier has a four-hour limit, it explains why FaceTime drops after hours. If you suspect this is the case, contact your carrier and ask them why your calls keep dropping.

Still, if the person on the receiving end has an issue with their phone’s battery running out of charge, their phone will turn off, and FaceTime will automatically drop on your end.

It could be the phone has a battery life of four hours.

The last explanation could be the internet connection dropped on your end or your friend’s.

FaceTime can’t persist with the call when the internet connection fails and will inevitably hang up. Again, if the friend decides to hang up on their end, that’s it.

Other Causes Why FaceTime Keeps Hanging Up

If you are experiencing issues with FaceTime hanging randomly, here are the possible causes.

Firmware Issue

When using outdated firmware, you may encounter issues with different applications.

An outdated firmware could be why your FaceTime keeps dropping, and you can resolve the error by updating the firmware.

Poor Network Connection

FaceTime requires a stable internet connection.

FaceTime can’t sustain the call if your internet is unstable and will eventually hang up.

SIM Card Error

Sometimes, a glitch with the SIM card could be why your FaceTime is hanging up.

So, power off your iPhone and eject the SIM Card.

After a few seconds, insert the SIM Card back and power on your phone.


FaceTime hanging up after four hours is mainly caused by the carrier’s limitation on calls you can make.

We’ve discussed the problem in detail and mentioned ways you can use it to fix the problem.

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