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Why Does My Facebook Page Keep Jumping?

Facebook is almost like every individual’s information geek. The platform lets you know what’s going on with everyone.

Imagine how frustrating it is when a juicy story suddenly disappears right before opening it. Little wonder you are unhappy and wondering why your Facebook keeps jumping.

Quick Answer

The answer to your question might surprise you, but your Facebook page is probably jumping because of your browser or Facebook app. Facebook page jumping the same as the page refreshing. Usually, when this happens, the page jumps back to the top of the page, no matter if you were at the middle or bottom.

Reasons Why Your Facebook Page Keeps Jumping

Reason #1: Impatiently Scrolling

This is most certainly the part that has to do with you and how you handle your Facebook. When you get tired of waiting for the page to load, you might scroll across the screen thinking, “It’s so slow; maybe this would get it moving.”

This thought pattern and action is one of the reasons why your Facebook page keeps jumping. When you impatiently scroll on a page that is still loading, it’s almost like you are giving it a double command to refresh.

So, while the page is still loading and you start scrolling down, it may just end the current loading to carry out your second command. In other words, your Facebook page is jumping to obey you.

To fix this, always wait patiently for your Facebook page to load before trying to refresh it. Loading or refreshing a page only takes a while when the internet connection is slow.

Reason #2: The Web Browser

This reason hasn’t been proven to be scientifically valid. But numerous people have similar complaints regarding this thought line.

A web browser is a computer program used to browse the internet. There are numerous web browsers, but the most consistently used ones are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. Most persons who use either web browser have complained of having jumping Facebook pages.

This reason only applies to persons who log in to Facebook through these browsers. As said earlier, there’s no proven scientific fact for this reason, but changing web browsers has worked for other people. So if you have tried the solution for the first reason and it’s not working, maybe changing the web browser you use is worth the try.

But if you don’t want to change or don’t have another browser, you could modify some settings if you are using Internet Explorer or Edge. In either of them, follow the steps below for the necessary change.

  1. Open up Tools.
  2. Go to Internet Options -> Advanced.
  3. Scroll down to the Browsing section.
  4. Uncheck the box resident beside Smooth Scrolling.

Try this out and see if you would see a difference. If your Facebook page still doesn’t stop jumping, change the browser or implement the solution for the first reason.

Reason #3: The Zoom Size On Your Web Browser

Honestly, even I could not believe how this played a role. But if there is one thing you can’t argue with, it’s facts.

This doesn’t have a fancy scientific explanation, but many people have discovered this has been the cause of their disappearing stories and jumping pages.

I know this might be unfavorable for a few people who like seeing tiny details, but you have to do what is needed. So to do this, try reducing the zoom size on your web browser to a lower or higher percentage.

In most cases, lower has proven better, but either way still works. Try out and solve the mystery of why your Facebook page keeps jumping.

Reason #4: Facebook’s Fault

This is an infrequent case scenario, and we would urge you not to rely on this cause because the first three reasons are the most common causes. When numerous persons began experiencing jumping Facebook pages, a recommended answer stated that research was in progress.

After researching, it was discovered that the issue resulted either from a disabled function or a malfunction in the programming of Facebook. While there is no reliable answer for this, it doesn’t make it untrue. So to fix this, patience is expected. Check out this link to find out more on this subject.

But remember, the thought of this should only come after the above three, and their solutions have been exhausted.


Why your Facebook page kept jumping might have been a mystery to you at the beginning of this article. But each reason above should probably have provided an answer to this riddle.

The answer you seek would probably have laid in either your impatient scrolling, your web browser or its zoom size, or a Facebook fault.

And though you came looking only for the problem, we decided to drop a few hints on how to solve each reason or cause you to come across.

So solving any issue that has to do with jumping Facebook pages should be a piece of cake for you by now.


What do I do if my Facebook page keeps jumping even after exhausting all the reasons?

Firstly, try changing to another web browser or reinstalling the one you were using. Reinstalling it should only occur in very desperate situations. But if this still doesn’t work, there’s a second option to try.

The second thing to try would probably be to clear your cache and change your zoom size. If all fails, then there’s most likely no other solution.

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