How To See Who Hung Up on FaceTime

How To See Who Hung Up On Facetime

Apple users have the advantage of using FaceTime to talk with friends. Interacting with someone via video call is more fun than using text. With FaceTime, both parties must have FaceTime enabled and have an active internet connection for FaceTime to go through.

When using FaceTime, you may wonder if there is a way for you to see who hung up on you. You will have an answer by the end of this post.

Quick Answer

Someone can hang up on FaceTime in two main instances. First, if someone tries FaceTime you and immediately hangs up before you pick up, that’s a missed call, and you can verify so when you open your phone app. If you are in the middle of a FaceTime session and you hear three chimes followed by a notification for “call ended” on your screen, it means the person you were in FaceTime with has ended your FaceTime. It could be they intentionally or accidentally hung up on you.

We will understand how FaceTime works. Moreover, we will discuss whether it is possible to know who hung up on FaceTime and retrieve other information regarding the call. Let’s get started!

How Does FaceTime Work?

Anyone using an Apple device can use FaceTime if they call another Apple user. Ideally, FaceTime is a video calling feature that is only available for Apple users. To initiate a FaceTime call, you must have FaceTime enabled and an active internet connection, as FaceTime relies on the internet instead of the carrier charges.

Open The Facetime App.

You can open the FaceTime app to call your friend or switch from a phone call to FaceTime. With FaceTime, you must have the phone number of your target person or the email address they use for their FaceTime. With either of the two details, you can add them when making your FaceTime.

The person will see your incoming call, and when they pick up, you will communicate visually and enjoy the fun that comes with FaceTime. Ensure you have an appealing background, as it will be visible to the other person, and your internet should be stable to support prolonged FaceTime sessions.

How To See Who Hung Up on FaceTime

When using FaceTime, someone can hang up on you for different reasons. It could be you were in the middle of a FaceTime session, and someone accidentally pressed the hung-up button. Still, it could be the person got tired of the FaceTime session and intentionally decided to hang up.

Additionally, it could be you were the one who pressed the hung-up button on your end without noticing it. If someone tried to call you and noticed they didn’t want to go ahead with the FaceTime, they could also end up hanging up.

So, can you know who hung up on FaceTime? There is no specific sign that someone decided to hang up on you. However, there are two signs you can look for to know if someone hung up on FaceTime.

If you hear three chimes and see the “call ended” on your screen, it signals that the person decided to hang up on FaceTime. They have reasons for their action, and you should wait to see if they call or message you.

Still, if you got a missed call and your phone didn’t ring for long, it’s evident that the caller decided to hang up. When you open your phone app, you can check calls in red. They are the missed calls; when you tap the “i” icon next to each call, you will see its details.

So, if someone hangs up on FaceTime, you will see their missed call and other call details from the info section of that call.

FaceTime works like a regular phone call. Thus, there is no specific way of knowing who hung up on FaceTime unless you use two tips we’ve covered in the post.


There is no specific sign that shows who hung up on FaceTime. However, the tips presented in this post will help determine who hung up on FaceTime. All the best!

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