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How Long Does It Take To Upload a Video to Facebook?

How Long Does It Take To Upload A Video To Facebook

Users who make videos more often and upload them on various websites can confirm the challenges they undergo when uploading them.

Especially Facebook users always have issues with their videos getting stuck on upload, which may cause frustrations, especially if you want the video to get uploaded quickly.

What makes the videos take long to upload?

To learn the answers, we have prepared a simple guide to help you fix the issue.

Quick Answer

The time videos take to upload on Facebook varies depending on many factors. If you are connected to high-speed internet, and your video is not too large, it may take seconds to a few minutes to get the video uploaded. Moreover, videos may take longer to upload if the Facebook server is congested. Thus, the time taken for a video to upload on Facebook vary depending on the size, speed, and congestion at the Facebook servers.

Having issues with uploading Facebook videos is normal, and you don’t need to worry about it because there are various solutions to the problem. This guide has presented the multiple reasons that make videos take longer to upload, how to deal with the issue, and how long it takes to upload a video to Facebook.

How Long Does It Take to Upload a Video to Facebook?

Uploading Facebook videos has no specific time taken.

The time ranges from seconds to minutes depending on the various properties of the video, like size and your internet connection speed.

If the mentioned factors are not the issue and your video is not uploading, your phone may have problems uploading videos, especially if it is your first time uploading.

We have prepared an in-depth guide to help you understand the various things that may make your videos get stuck on uploading!

Why Do Facebook Videos Get Stuck on Uploading?

Many factors may be making your videos get stuck while uploading.

Such factors include the following.

Reason #1: The Large Size of the Videos

When uploading videos on Facebook, making them smaller in size is recommended to reduce the time taken to upload them.

Once a file size is larger, the time it takes to upload will increase or make it stuck for a good time.

Reason #2: Weak Network Connection

A network connection speed is another key factor determining how long your video will take to get uploaded.

Most network connections are optimized to download things, but the uploading speed can be disappointing.

Therefore, if your network supplier has reduced the uploading speed, your video may take longer to get uploaded.

Reason #3: Server Errors

Facebook server errors can be one cause.

This does not always occur, but when it happens, you may experience a situation where Facebook fails to upload a given video completely.

Reason #4: Corrupted Video

Facebook always checks the videos users upload; if they notice they are corrupted, they will not get uploaded.

Videos may get corrupted during transfer, and it is better to ensure your video will be playable on the viewer side when uploading it.

How To Upload Facebook Videos Faster

If you no longer want to experience the issue of Facebook upload getting stuck, there are various tips you can consider, as explained below.

Tip #1: Ensure Your Uploading Speed is Strong

The internet uploading speed will determine how long your video will take to get uploaded.

Ensure Your Uploading Speed Is Strong

If the speed is not high, contact your network supplier ad have them increase the uploading speed.

Tip #2: Compress Your Videos

If your video size is too large, then compressing your video is advisable.

Compress Your Videos

Ensure the video has an acceptable size; if possible, it is between 30 and 60 seconds.

Tip #3: Repair your Video

If your video gets corrupted while uploading it, it will not get uploaded until it is repaired.

Therefore, we recommend using video repairing tools like Wondershare Repairit to ensure your video is viewable.

Repair Your Video


If it is your first time uploading a video on Facebook, this guide is what you need.

You don’t have to wait long to upload your video when there are remedies to the issue.

If your video has been uploading for a long time, grab this guide to determine the causes and how to deal with the issue!

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