Why Do Guys Hate FaceTime?

Why Do Guys Hate Facetime

FaceTime is a simple and convenient way to hang out, catch up with friends and family, and even talk to that guy you like, especially when you’re not in the same location.

Many iPhone and other Apple device users prefer FaceTime to video call their friends instead of other instant messaging apps. This is primarily because of the app’s ease of use, features, and exclusivity.

However, not everyone enjoys FaceTime. If you have a guy you like and have been talking to for a while, you may have noticed that he doesn’t initiate Facetime as much as you do or has admitted to completely hating the app.

So, why do some guys hate FaceTime?

Quick Answer

The main reason guys hate FaceTime is that it can be inconvenient. Even when a guy likes you, FaceTiming can still be overwhelming for him. Remember he has to be on his best behavior, tidy his space and think of how to entertain you during the entire call.

This can be anxiety-inducing and even repulsive to some guys. If you suspect you’re talking to a guy like this, the best way to deal with it is to have a conversation where he can be open about his preferred mode of communication.

You’re not alone if you’re curious about why guys hate FaceTime. This post will cover some of the most common reasons and what you can do about it.

Reasons Guys Hate FaceTime

Let’s go over some reasons why guys hate FaceTime.

Reason #1: It Puts Him on the Spot

Nothing is more overwhelming than being on the spot, where you feel like the other person is judging your tone, environment, and, even worse, your words.

If you just started talking to a guy, FaceTiming frequently can initially be annoying. This is mainly because he hasn’t learned enough about you to sustain a conversation on FaceTime.

A guy usually wants to ensure you have a great time in person or on the phone.

When he doesn’t have enough background information, the FaceTime call will likely have several instances of awkward silence, which a guy would rather avoid.

If the guy you’re talking to isn’t as enthusiastic about FaceTime as you’d like, try asking him which method of communication he likes best.

This will allow both of you to communicate regularly while building the connection you need to enjoy frequent FaceTime calls.

Reason #2: He Has To Plan for It

Girls can sometimes underestimate the process it takes for a guy to initiate a FaceTime because they don’t overthink it as much as guys do. However, FaceTiming for a guy requires planning.

Remember, if a guy likes you, he wants you to see him at his best.

To guys, FaceTiming demands planning for an outfit, the location, the conversation, and even the jokes. This can be anxiety-inducing, and sometimes a guy can conclude it’s not worth it.

The good news is that most pressure to impress a girl is present in the first few weeks to months of talking.

If you’re relaxed, confident, and easygoing when talking to him, he will learn to be himself with and around you. After this, he likely won’t have a problem initiating a few FaceTime calls every week.

Reason #3: He Doesn’t Want To Upset You

Guys can sometimes have a different plan from the one you have in mind. For example, you want to spend some quality time FaceTiming, while he’s looking forward to enjoying football with his friends at a club or a friend’s house.

In such a case, picking up your FaceTime call and interrupting him midway would upset him because it implies he has other important issues. Sometimes he’s afraid of saying something that would upset you and ruin the moment.

Luckily, you can resolve this issue by giving him enough time to get to know you better. Additionally, when you talk, whether on text or regular calls, be fun and easygoing so he doesn’t think you are overly sensitive.

Reason #4: He Doesn’t Know What To Tell You

Sometimes guys hate FaceTime because they don’t know what to say.

Unlike in-person meetings, FaceTime can increase the pressure to say the right things. Other times, the guy isn’t good at leading conversations, and FaceTiming will highlight this flaw.

While most of the awkward silence is caused by overanalyzing the situation and wanting to impress, an introverted guy will prefer laid-back methods of communication like texting.

Reason #5: He Doesn’t Enjoy the Topics You Like

Another reason guys hate FaceTime is that you enjoy different things, and the conversation isn’t interesting to them. It’s normal for girls and guys to have different personalities.

For example, guys typically enjoy sports, while there are girls that don’t. Typically, FaceTime is about discussing things you like and enjoy, and sometimes a guy doesn’t relate to your interests.

If you suspect you’ve been steering the conversation towards topics you like when FaceTiming with a guy, allow him to speak more. This will balance the conversation so he has time to enjoy sharing his interests with you.

However, just letting the guy speak isn’t enough. Try showing genuine interest in some of the topics he’s discussing.

For example, if he’s speaking about his favorite soccer team, you can ask follow-up questions about team players, season tickets, which match he enjoyed the most, etc.


It’s no secret that many guys hate FaceTime.

However, if you understand their reasons, there’s a chance you can get the guy you like to FaceTime you and even look forward to regular FaceTiming.

Some of the reasons guys hate FaceTime is because the urge to impress you is overwhelming.

Other times, he’s introverted, doesn’t enjoy the same topics as you, or is afraid to upset you.

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