What Does “OBJ” Mean on Discord?

What Does &Quot;Obj&Quot; Mean On Discord

When using Discord, you hope that everything works perfectly and that you can interpret texts others share. Unfortunately, sometimes you may encounter the OBJ on Discord and get confused about why you are seeing it or what it means.

For someone new to Discord, this can quickly get confusing, and you may think there is an issue with your Discord, but that’s not it. Read on to understand what OBJ means on Discord,

Quick Answer

When you use Discord, especially on iPhone, you may utilize some Unicode characters that Discord can’t render. Discord will replace the character with OBJ to stand for an object in that case. Therefore, OBJ is used as a placeholder when Discord can’t render a given Unicode character. You may notice everything is okay on your end, but someone receiving your message will notice the OBJ.

This guide covers what OBJ means on Discord and why you see it on your Discord message. Still, we will cover frequently asked questions about OBJ on Discord.

What Is “OBJ” on Discord?

Discord and other applications utilize characters for the computer to interpret a given message. Computers rely on Unicode to understand various emojis, symbols, and characters. Discord uses OBJ as a placeholder when it can’t interpret a given Unicode.

So, OBJ in Discord acts as a placeholder for characters that Discord cannot render. You may not notice the OBJ when texting someone, as everything will look okay. However, someone receiving the message will see the OBJ on your message and won’t understand what it means.

OBJ mainly affects iOS users. When an iOS user is texting on Discord, they likely use different symbols or emojis that Discord can’t render. In that case, other members won’t get the exact message that person shared as they will see the OBJ in the message.

So, if someone you’ve messaged tells you they see OBJ in place of your message, it means you’ve used a Unicode that Discord can’t render. Unfortunately, there is less you can do to fix it. Your best option is to avoid using advanced characters in your message. Keep it simple and use obvious emojis or symbols that Discord can comfortably render.


Like other computing devices, Discord relies on Unicode to interpret the messages people share. When a user uses a Unicode that Discord can’t render, it replaces it with OBJ. The receiver of the message will see the OBJ symbol on their end instead of the full details of the shared message.

OBJ mainly affects iOS users as iOS has advanced characters that Discord may lack control of. This guide has explained everything about OBJ in Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does OBJ mean?

OBJ stands for object and represents Unicode that a computer cannot render. When you see a message containing OBJ, it means part of the message has a character, symbol, or emoji that couldn’t be represented by the platform you are using, such as Discord.

Why do I see OBJ in a Message?

When someone uses advanced characters or Unicode when texting, but your device can’t interpret them, you will see the OBJ appearing in the message. For instance, when an iOS user uses voice-to-text, and some Unicode is advanced, you may notice Discord showing OBJ instead of the details of the sent message.

How can I prevent OBJ in Discord?

There is no obvious solution to that. However, you can try using simple Unicode that Discord hopefully renders. That way, your friends won’t keep complaining that they are getting a message with OBJ.

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