Why Did He Block Me on WhatsApp?

Why Did He Block Me On Whatsapp

Communication is key when in a relationship or when you are dating someone.

Besides, if you recently met a guy, communication is how you get to know each other, and WhatsApp is one way most people keep in contact. However, you may get an instance where a guy blocked you.

Why did he block me on WhatsApp, and what should I do?

Quick Answer

It’s unfortunate when a guy blocks you on WhatsApp, and the obvious reason is that he doesn’t want to talk with you. It could be he is angry with you, no longer interested in you, or wants a break from everything. Moreover, it could be a silent way of breaking up with you, or perhaps he obtained what he wanted and doesn’t see your worth anymore. Furthermore, it could be he is confused about his emotions or is trying to prove a point.

Understanding why a guy blocks you sound like a confusing task. However, this post will shed light on why a guy blocked you on WhatsApp and what you should do.

Why Did He Block Me on WhatsApp?

Block On Whatsapp

Guys can get complicated, and it gets more confusing and frustrating when you don’t know how to handle them.

It gets worse when a guy blocks you on WhatsApp, and you don’t understand why he did that or what you should do about it.

Here are the common explanations for why a guy blocked you.

Reason #1: He Is Unsure of His Feelings/Emotions

Emotions can get the best of everyone, and when you’ve been in communication with a guy, and he starts having feelings for you, he will likely block you on WhatsApp.

Most guys do this to think the whole thing and understand their emotions before they rush to open their hearts and express how they feel for you.

Reason #2: He is Angry/Annoyed with You

Did you argue with your guy?

If so, he probably is angry at you and decided to block you to avoid further confrontations.

Worry not, as most guys will end up unblocking you once they cool their anger and see your worth compared to the consequences of a possible breakup.

Reason #3: He Wants a Break

Everyone needs some space, and when a guy is obsessed with you, they can decide to create personal space even if it means blocking you.

It could be the guy is trying to figure out his next move or make a big decision like proposing, and the break will do great good to him.

Reason #4: He Silently Wants to Break Up

Yes, you heard that right! If a guy wants to break up with you and is afraid of openly telling it to you, blocking you is his secret move.

The idea is to kill the communication and end the relationship silently, and most guys get away with it.

If you are sure you’ve not argued with your guy, and he suddenly blocks you on WhatsApp, he likely plans to break up with you.

Reason #5: He Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

When a guy wants to avoid you, they can decide to block you.

This mainly happens when he notices you are vibing too much, and maybe he is in a secret relationship that he wants to focus on.

Still, it could be an ego game he is playing, and this mainly occurs when you fail to arise at a mutual agreement.

So, to avoid talking to you or when he doesn’t want you to keep viewing his profile and statuses, he can block you.

Reason #6: You No Longer Entice Him

Unfortunately, guys can quickly lose interest when they feel you don’t reciprocate the energy and vibe.

Suppose you are not active in communication, yet the guy was an active chatting or calling person. It could be he got tired of you.

In that case, he may no longer be interested in you, making him decide to block you.

What Should You Do?

A hint of why your guy blocked you on WhatsApp will help you decide what to do. For instance, if you presume an argument caused it, try calling him or meeting physically and discussing the issue.

However, if you suspect the guy is into you, there is no harm in giving him some alone time for a short period before confronting him.

Ideally, you should try to reach out using other means and if he blocks you, then let it be, as that mostly signals a breakup. Move on and focus on other activities.


There are many reasons a guy may block you on WhatsApp.

We’ve seen the six main reasons for this and discussed what to do when he blocks you.

Hopefully, your doubts and confusion about why he blocked you on WhatsApp are now cleared.

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