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Why Can’t I Create an Instagram Account?

Why Can’t I Create An Instagram Account?

Instagram is a social platform that permits users to sign up without stress, either through the app or the web.

It can be used on Android, iOS, or PC.

As seamless as creating an account on Instagram can be, some people encounter particular challenges that arise from several factors.

Sometimes, you might not be able to create an account. Why is that?

Short answer

Though Instagram supports creating multiple accounts, notifications like “Signup blocked” or “Keep trying” may be displayed when trying to create another account. When you get messages like that, the chances are that you have been blocked from opening another account.

A common mistake most users make when they want to open another account on Instagram is using a phone number or email linked to another Instagram account.

This is one of the many reasons Instagram may block you from creating an account.

As we mentioned earlier, several factors may result in Instagram blocking your attempt to create an account. Shortly, we will discuss the possible aspects and how to fix the problem.

Why Instagram Won’t Allow You To Create Another Account

Here are some reasons why you cannot create an Instagram account.

Reason #1: Poor Internet Connection

This is the first thing you should check when you cannot create an account on Instagram.

Poor internet connection is a significant cause of people being unable to create an account, particularly when you get the “Try again” notification.

If you’re lucky, you will be notified that you have no internet or that the app can’t connect to the internet.

Reason #2: Instagram Servers Are Down

Instagram servers process your request to open an account. This means that your bid won’t be granted when servers are unavailable.

When the Instagram servers are unavailable, it could be due to ongoing maintenance or Instagram servers not accepting the creation of new accounts.

This means you must wait for the problem to be solved before trying again.

Reason #3: Your Instagram Needs To Be Updated

If your version of Instagram is not up to date, communication with Instagram servers won’t be effective. Consequently, you won’t be able to create a new account.

However, this is not always enough reason to be blocked from creating an account if you only missed a few updates. It will only be enough if you haven’t updated in several months or years.

Reason #4: You Have Surpassed the Limit for Creating an Account

You've Exceeded The Limit For Account Creation

Of course, Instagram permits the creation of multiple accounts, but that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and open a dozen Instagram accounts.

As much as Instagram has given that liberty, there are limits, and the limit is five accounts. You won’t be permitted to create another once you have up to five Instagram accounts.

If you try to play smart and find a crooked way to create the sixth account, you won’t like the consequences when your IP address snitches on you to Instagram. This will result in your IP being blocked.

Reason #5: Your Phone Number Is Blocked

Suppose the phone number you tried using has already been used for another Instagram account. You won’t have access to create another account with a phone number like that.

It won’t matter if you use multiple email addresses. As long as the number is already used by other accounts, creating a new account on Instagram is nearly impossible.

Reason #6: An IP Address Has Been Blocked

Carrying out illegal activities on your Instagram account will lead to your account being blocked from using Instagram once Instagram tracks it.

A significant cause of blocked IP addresses is creating multiple accounts with the same IP address.

Additionally, carrying out specific actions like repeatedly liking and commenting within a short time could block your IP address.

Reason #7: The Email Address Is Blocked or in Use on Another Account

Instagram permits you to use an email for just one account.

Suppose you use an email that is already in use on another account. In that case, Instagram will notify you that another account uses that email address.

In a scenario like this, you have no other option but to use a different email address.

As for the email address being blocked, certain email service providers are blocked on Instagram. Once a service like that is detected, you won’t be allowed to open a new account on Instagram.

Unfortunately, if this happens to be your case, you won’t be notified that your service provider is blocked.

How To Fix Signup Block Issues on Instagram

How To Fix Signup Block Issues On Instagram

Here are some fixes to resolve the signup issue on Instagram.

Fix #1: Check Your Internet Connection and Fix It

First things first! Whenever you can’t create a new account, check your Internet connection! We’re screaming it because we want it to stick.

Imagine going through thick and thin to solve a signup block problem, only to find out your internet connection has been the culprit.

Now, we don’t want that to happen; that is why you should always check whether your internet connection is functioning.

Change Your Internet Connection Wifi Data

How do you check? Go to your browser and try visiting some websites. If none of them loads, it means your network is poor. Try using another network.

Fix #2: Close Instagram and Restart Your Phone

If your internet connection isn’t the bad guy, you should close Instagram and press the power button for your phone to restart.

Once you’re done with it, you may try again to create a new account on Instagram. Hopefully, it works this time.

Restart Your Device

Fix #3: Check to See That Instagram Servers Aren’t Down

Suppose the unavailability of Instagram servers happens to be the problem.

In that case, you can do nothing to create a new account successfully.

Downdetector Instagram

To know if Instagram servers are unavailable, ask those around you if they’re having difficulties using the Instagram app.

If they are, you would have to wait until Instagram resolves whatever issues they have before you can create another account. It could take a couple of minutes or even hours.

Fix #4: Change Your IP Address

Creating another Instagram account with a blocked IP address is impossible. You can go ahead and try it, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If your IP gets blocked, you can change your IP address by using a VPN or switching to another internet service provider. A new service provider will give you a new IP.

Install A Vpn Service

Fix #5: Use a Browser

Use A Browser

When you use the Instagram app, your activities can be tracked, leading to being blocked. If you happen to be blocked, just open Instagram with a browser and try creating the account again.

Suppose you aren’t successful with that; it means your app has been blocked.

Fix #6: Fix Instagram

You might need to install updates to help kill bugs that could be interfering. Also, you should clear the app’s cache. They have a reputation for corrupting apps.

Additionally, you may have to uninstall your Instagram app and clear all related data before reinstalling it.

Clear Data And Cache Instagram

Contact Instagram Support Team

If every other thing doesn’t work, here’s your last resort. Given that you have flouted Instagram rules, their support team can help you with any challenge you’re facing using the app.

You must send them a ticket and inform them that you have been blocked from creating a new account. You may have to enter your email or phone number to start the process.


We have come to the end of the guide.

By now, you should already be a pro at solving block issues related to creating a new account.

Before any other troubleshooting process, check your internet connection first when you have difficulties creating a new account for the umpteenth time.

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