How To Use Discord Bot Maker

How To Use Discord Bot Maker

Creating a Discord bot takes time and requires coding skills to create realistic and usable features. When you are new to Discord and want to create a bot for your activities, your best chance is to use the Discord Bot Maker.

Tgtgamer is the original maker of the Discord Bot Maker, and if you are looking to understand how to use his application to build bots, we will help you with that.

Quick Answer

The first step is to access the developer’s portal for your Discord account and create a bot. You then must link your bot with the Discord Bot Maker and proceed to create your first event. You only need to add actions for the events you create. Next, invite the bot to your server. Once the bot is connected, create the commands. Once you’ve made the commands, customize the bot’s appearance and share the link to your bot.

We will understand what Discord Bot Maker is and the steps you can follow to use it to build your bots.

What Is Discord Bot Maker?

Creating a Discord bot is not everyone’s hobby. Again, not everyone has the skills to build their bot from scratch due to the huge codes required to bring it to life. However, a developer named tgtgamer tried eliminating the need to use huge code to build a bot.

As such, he created a Discord Bot Maker. It is an application that allows Discord users to build their bots with minimal code. The application aims to help even less experienced users find their way to building a bot without understanding the complex codes required to create the bot from scratch.

The Discord Bot Maker handles most of the code, and users only need to add a few codes to customize their bot’s functionalities, such as when creating different commands. Unfortunately, the Discord Bot Maker is yet to complete his project fully. Nonetheless, we can utilize what he made to build and customize a Discord bot.

How To Use Discord Bot Maker

When you want to build a Discord bot, you must first have a Discord account verified using your email and phone number. From there, you can rely on an application like the Discord Bot Maker to help simplify the work required to create your Discord bot.

With these steps, you can follow along to build your bot using Discord Bot Maker.

  1. Open your browser and access the Discord developer’s portal for the Discord Bot Maker.
  2. Click the “New Application” option, add a name for the bot you want to build, and click “Create.”
  3. Add a description to associate your bot with. The description should match the bot’s functionality.
  4. Select the “Bot” option from the menu and click “Add Bot.”
  5. Link your bot with the Discord Bot Maker using the bot’s token and client ID located n the developer’s website.
  6. Choose the default templates to create the bot and save it on your desktop.
  7. In the Discord Bot Maker, click on the “Events” tab and create a new event called “onConnect.”
  8. Select the “Bot join server” option in the “Event Trigger List.”
  9. Add an action, such as “Send Message,” insert the message the bot should send, and define the channel.
  10. In the Discord Bot Maker, click the “Project” tab and tap the “Run Project” button.
  11. Once it runs, you will notice the color change.
  12. Return to the “Settings” section and click the “Invite” link. It is the default link.
  13. Once the bot is added to your server, you can create commands.
  14. On the Discord Bot Maker, click the “Create new command” button and paste the code for the command you want to create.
  15. You can set the action for the command and who should use it.
  16. You also need to add a “Reason” for the action of the command.

You can repeat the procedure for other commands you want to create.

The bot’s appearance can be changed by running a script in the Discord Bot maker. You can access the script and the code required to write different commands here.


The Discord Bot Maker creator is yet to release his project fully. Nonetheless, we’ve explored how you can use his project to create a Discord bot. all the best!

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