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Why Am I Losing Followers on TikTok

Why Am I Losing Followers On Tiktok

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Tiktok has become a popular app in recent years, especially among teenagers and young adults. It’s fun and can be used to build connections with friends and other people, as well as to build a following.

But building a following on Tiktok is not a walk in the park; it takes work and time. So, if you are worried about a recent decline you noticed in your followers, we understand why you would be.

Quick Answer

There are several reasons you could be losing followers on Tiktok, and they mainly revolve around your content’s quality and consistency and Tiktok’s algorithm. It could be that your content is not resonating with users anymore, or an update has occurred affecting your account or those of your followers.

If you feel frustrated about losing followers on the social media app, you’re not alone. The solution lies in knowing why it’s happening and doing something to change it.

This article looks at the most common reasons you could be losing your followers on Tiktok and offers tips on stopping the trend or avoiding it altogether.

Algorithm Updates by TikTok

Now and then, Tiktok reviews its algorithm, and that could result in losing some of your followers. That’s because, when these updates happen, they pick out any suspicious profiles that look like a scam or fake profiles.

To ensure you do not get caught up in that kind of mess, you need to consistently audit your followers to keep away from the fake ones. This will ensure that you only maintain high-quality followers and reflect the actual performance of your Tiktok account.

But how can you tell an authentic account following you from a fake one?

Here are the main characteristics of a genuine Tiktok account:

  • It has a unique username.
  • The bio is filled.
  • It has a significant number of posts.

Bots operate fake profiles, so it’s easy for TikTok to identify them and close them.

So if you wake up to a massive decline in followers and you have not formed a habit of auditing them frequently, this could be the cause.

Changes in the Content You Are Posting

You have people following you on TikTok because they like what you post and relate to it. That’s starting with the content niche, the time you post it, and the frequency.

If, at some point, you feel the need to make changes to your content, consider if that will affect any of the above factors. If it does, you must be ready for a reaction from your followers, which could be walking away (unfollowing you).

You might have posted new content that is not relevant to your current followers. For example, if you are a beauty vlogger, you might lose some followers if you start posting videos about video games.

So, avoid making unsolicited changes, and if you have to, do it gradually as you observe their response. You have to give them what they want, not what you think they want.

Inactivity on Your Part

Remember when you started your content creation journey on Tiktok? You would probably manage to post ten to twenty videos in a day. Right?

Are you still able to deliver content with the same kind of frequency?

Most probably not.

The Tiktok algorithm has evolved over the years. Having your videos appear on For Your page on Tiktok is the standard of success on the social app. But due to the increased popularity of the app and competition among content creators, it is now harder to keep up with the requirements of Tiktok’s organic views.

If you can’t maintain your posting frequency, your followers are more likely to bounce and follow more active accounts.

What do you do in this case?

Instead of going for long periods without posting, create your videos and then schedule them for upload so that you can maintain your frequency and match the times when your videos will have optimal impact.

Here’s how to schedule your Tiktok videos:

  1. Open TikTok and log into your account. Log In To Tiktok Pc
  2. Make your video and upload it to the app. Make Your Video And Upload It
  3. Edit your privacy settings accordingly, add hashtags, and choose your cover image. Edit Your Privacy Settings Tiktok
  4. Point to the “Schedule” button and tap on the date you would like to post the video. Point To The “Schedule” Button

And voila!

TikTok will upload your videos even when you don’t have time to.

You Are Operating a Fake Account

If you are operating a fake account pretending to be a particular celebrity, you will not get away with it. At least not for too long.

You risk losing your hard-earned followers and your account getting either suspended or closed permanently by Tiktok.

How can you stop this from happening and ultimately keep your followers?

Tiktok allows you to run a Tiktok account dedicated to a celebrity, but you have to be open about it by mentioning it in the bio.

Other Common Reasons for Losing Followers

  1. You’re not following back your fans.
  2. You have changed your settings to “private.”
  3. You’re not using the correct hashtags.
  4. You’re uploading content that’s not aligned with TikTok’s broad and niche trends.
  5. You are deleting or making your videos private.

To Sum Up

Gathering a decent following on Tiktok takes patience and hard work. You may think that once people have followed you, they are stuck. They are not and can tap the unfollow button at any time. You need to stay on top of the game to keep them glued.

TikTok has evolved since it was launched back in 2017. The app is now more popular and competitive. It’s, therefore, harder to maintain your followers now than it was back then.

Apart from doing regular follower audits to ensure that you are keeping only high-quality followers, you must keep tabs on your performance on the app and any changes that could affect it.

By following the advice in this article, you can maintain a healthy following on TikTok and continue to engage with your audience.

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