Who Has the Most Subs on Twitch?

Who Has The Most Subs On Twitch

There are different reasons why you should join Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform is the leading platform for video streaming.

You can have viewers subscribe to your channel to confirm that they enjoy your content and wish to keep viewing future content.

Getting subs on Twitch is not easy and takes effort and strategy. So, who has the most subs on Twitch?

Quick Answer

Having the most followers on Twitch is not the same as getting subs for your channel. Over time, we’ve seen different records for Twitch streamers with the most subs. However, as of April 2023, Kai Cenat has the most subs. He currently has 300,000 subscribers. However, the most followed Twitch channel belongs to Ninja. He comes third in Twitch’s most subs list, with 269,154 subscribers. The second position is held by Ludwig, who has 283,066 subscribers.

What is Twitch? Once we answer this question, we will understand why subs are essential on the platform while mentioning who has the most subs on Twitch. Moreover, we will give a few strategies to increase your subs.

What Is Twitch?

When you want to stream, you can use a platform like Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform is ideal for live-streaming videos on different categories, such as games, music, etc. To use Twitch, sign up on its website or download the mobile app and create an account there.

Once you sign up for Twitch, you can create a channel and slowly grow it to get followers. People can then subscribe to your channel. Ideally, you can create a small subscription fee such that someone can support your channel by subscribing to it.

As you grow your viewers, you can enjoy more features, such as the Twitch partnership program, and run ads to earn income from Twitch.

Who Has the Most Subs on Twitch?

On Twitch, you can have your followers subscribe to your channel. Subscribers enjoy added privileges, such as instant updates. The privileges you give to your subs play a role in attracting more people to subscribe.

Again, your number of followers for your channel differs from the number of subs you have. So far, we’ve had different Twitch streamers having the most subs. As of April 2023, Kai Cenat is the streamer with the most subs. He currently has slightly over 300,000 subscribers.

After him, we have Ludwig, who has slightly over 283,000 subscribers. The third person on the list is Ninja, with 269,154 subs. However, Ninja has the most followers on Twitch. His followers are over 18 million as of April 2023. Despite having the most followers, he doesn’t take the lead in having the most subs.

Having the most subs on Twitch is an added advantage and a prestigious rank. The large subs imply that your followers are happy with the content you share.

Besides, the many subs offer room to monetize your channel through ads. Besides, if you have a small subscription fee, it means you are getting a good income from your channel.

How To Get Many Twitch Subs

Getting subs on Twitch is not easy. You must employ different tactics to give people a reason to subscribe to your Twitch channel. Again, you can only get subs once you reach the Twitch Affiliate level. The below strategies will help you get more subs.

Define Your Goal

Confidently set a goal and share it with your followers. That way, they will likely help you work and attain your goal. One way to help you out is by subscribing to your channel.

Be Unique

Streaming is competitive, especially when you go for competitive options. Thus, ensure you find a category that suits you and one that you can share unique content to satisfy the needs of your followers. Moreover, offer value, such as teaching people and giving rewards.

Offer Retention and Sub-Only Rewards

To retain your subs, it’s a good move to offer rewards to the most loyal subscribers. Moreover, consider offering rewards to your subscribers.

Still, you can create sub-only privileges, such as gaming with your subs only. That way, you will attract people to subscribe to your channel.


Kai Cenat has the most subs on Twitch. We’ve also mentioned other streamers with many subs. Still, we’ve highlighted different ways to increase your subs. Have fun on Twitch.

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