What Music Can I Use on YouTube?

What Music Can I Use On Youtube

When creating a YouTube video, a common concern many creators have is what music they should include with the video to make it more enticing.

There are various factors to consider in deciding what music to use, and you must know what to consider to ensure you get the best out of the music you can use on YouTube.

Quick Answer

You can use music that you find in the YouTube audio library. Still, you can get permission from the music owner to use their licensed music. Moreover, you can use Creative Commons licensed music without any legal implications. Plus, you can source copyright-free music from different platforms or utilize ad-supported music when creating videos.

We will understand what music you can use on YouTube. While at it, we will discuss different music options you can use when creating YouTube videos to ensure you don’t get legal implications because of the added music.

Does YouTube Allow Adding Music Background?

You may need to include background music to enhance your video’s quality and content when creating YouTube content. YouTube allows you to select music when creating a video from its audio library.

Alternatively, you can upload your video containing music, and it will check it to ascertain whether you’ve used copyrighted music.

If your video gets flagged for using copyrighted music, it will get issued with a Content ID, and the music owner may claim a share of the revenue generated from that video.

In some worse cases, the owner may tell YouTube to pull down the video since you didn’t seek their consent when using their music.

How, then, should you include music in your YouTube video? What is the best way to use music on YouTube? We will answer these questions in the next section.

What Music Can I Use on YouTube?

YouTube has tough copyright regulations to protect creators by compensating them whenever it detects a creator has utilized their music in their video. YouTube will check the video you upload, and if it flags that it has violated copyright, it will issue it with a Content ID claim.

When creating your YouTube video, you should consider searching for copyright-free music. There are numerous platforms where you can source copyright-free music. If you don’t find any that entices you or aligns with your video’s content, you have three categories of copyrighted music that you can use.

Creative Commons Licensed

Various music owners and composers have provided their music available for use under the Creative Commons License.

If you access such music and feel it aligns with your video’s content, you can freely use it but ensure you acknowledge the owner and don’t monetize your video unless you want to split the gained revenue with that owner.

Authorized Licensed Music

It’s possible to acquire the consent of the music owner to use their music in your video. When you get authorization, you can comfortably add someone’s music to your video, and you won’t get flagged for copyrighting.

This option is handy when you have a particular music you want to use in your video and have a close connection with the music owner so that you can seek authorization. In some cases, you must get into a contract with a label or the musician to use their music in your video.

Ad-Supported Music

YouTube has an agreement with various record labels to allow artists to utilize their music but with ads. When you select such music to include in your video, the revenue gained through the video will be split between you and the particular owner.

So, if you can find ideal ad-supported music, you can utilize it when creating your content.


YouTube accommodates creators in various ways. Among the ways is that you can create content and even select music from the YouTube audio library.

Still, you can source the music from three other categories to ensure you remain safe when creating and uploading your video. We’ve seen the three options of music you can use on YouTube. Have fun!

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