How Much Does YouTube Take From Superchats?

How Much Does Youtube Take From Superchats

You can go live to interact with your followers when you have a YouTube channel. While at it, YouTube allows your fans to support you in various ways.

The common option is via the super chats feature, where the fan can pay to pin a comment to catch your attention and support you.

According to YouTube’s terms of service, as a creator, you don’t receive all the money you earn from the platform.

Quick Answer

Any income you earn via YouTube is deductible. In the case of Super Chat, YouTube will take 30% of your earnings, leaving you with 70%. This only happens if you’ve enabled the Super Chat feature to allow your viewers to pay to utilize it. The money earned is paid via an AdSense account, courtesy of Google, and when the payment is being made, Google/YouTube will take their 30% and pay you the remaining amount.

This post introduces Super Chat on YouTube. We will discuss what Super Chat is, how it works, and how to enable it. Next, we will understand how much YouTube takes from the money you earn from Super Chats.

What Is Super Chat?

YouTube is known for constantly adding new features to enhance user experience and give creators room to engage with their fans. An example is the Super Chat feature. It is designed to allow fans to support the creator by pinning comments during a live stream.

The fan has to pay a given amount to pin a comment. Moreover, the chat with the highest amount will remain pinned for the longest time. Thus, every fan can pay for a spot to highlight their comment. At the end of it, the creator will have received financial support.

When you’ve enabled the Super Chat feature on your channel, a cash symbol will appear on the screen whenever you go live. Viewers can tap on it and set the amount they wish to use to pin their comments.

After completing the transaction, their message will get pinned in the chat and at the top of the window. What better way to confirm you are a ‘super fan’?

If you have monetized your channel, you can turn on the Super Chat feature with the steps below.

  1. Open a browser on your computer and log in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Locate the “Earn” option on the left and click on it.
  3. Click on the “Supers” option/tab. If you don’t see it, then your channel is not eligible.
  4. Click the “Get Started” option, and the on-screen instructions guide you.
  5. Lastly, turn on the switch next to the “Super Chat” option.

Your fans can now interact with super chat to support you whenever you start a live stream.

How Much Does YouTube Take From Super Chats?

When you turn on the Super Chat feature, your fans can click on the money symbol, enter their amount, and have their chat pinned for even five hours. The more the fan pays, the longer the chat will remain pinned. Besides, the comments will have more edits to ensure anyone in the comment section can realize that it’s a paid comment.

The creator can view all the paid comments. So, if you want to catch the creator’s attention, you can use this feature. Suppose the creators feel you’ve shared an abusive or harassing comment. The creator has room to blacklist specific chat words or ban the viewer and sanitize their live stream session to accommodate everyone.

Whenever a fan sends a Super Chat, all the money will be sent to the creator’s account. The creator can see the amount, but YouTube will take 30% of that amount and only pay the remaining 70%.

It does this in alignment with the terms of service and conditions the creator accepted when signing up for the YouTube creator account. The payment is made via the linked AdSense account.


Super Chat is a YouTube feature that allows fans to support their favorite creator in a live stream. The feature lets the fans pay to get their comments pinned at the top during the live stream. YouTube takes 30% of the earned money, leaving the creator with 70%.

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