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Where To Take Instagram Pictures?

Where To Take Instagram Pictures

When someone is taking a picture for Instagram, they often ask themselves before publishing it on the platform, “Is this picture Instagram-worthy?” Today, you can’t simply post any picture on Instagram. The image has to be “Instagrammable” if you want to get likes, comments, and followers.

Quick Answer

You can take pictures for Instagram anywhere as long as there’s good lighting. However, some places are Instagram-worthy by default because the ambiance is excellent and the interior is visually appealing. Those are coffee shops, parks, streets, art murals, and certain areas in your house, like your stairs.

Mirror selfies are a thing, too, and almost all Instagram users who use the platform personally or for their personal brand have them on their profile feed. That’s the same for the sky. People love taking pictures with the sky as the background because it looks so heavenly, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about where you can take Instagram pictures in more detail.

Where To Take Instagram Pictures?

Instagram is a platform that is heavy on visuals, so it shouldn’t surprise you that you need to think and even plan out your Instagram pictures if you want to build an audience there. They must be eye-catching, so people stop scrolling and engage with your posts.

A so-so picture may get engagement but not enough of it. It won’t be effective in the long run. Without further ado, here are the places where you can take Instagram pictures.

Method #1: Home

First is your home, or anyone’s home. If you have an area at home that you won’t be ashamed of showing to other people because it looks clean and organized enough to be a good place for Instagram photoshoots, you can start there. You can take pictures in your garden, living room, home office, bedroom, or bathroom.

Method #2: Coffee Shops

You will see many people on Instagram holding their cup of coffee in a coffee shop because the interior of coffee shops is cozy, and some coffees are beautiful. Think of latte arts and iced coffees and frappes that have vibrant colors. Aren’t they amazing and deserving to be uploaded to Instagram?

Method #3: Nature

One reason people love travel pictures is that they are breathtaking, and it’s because the natural beauty of the world is the focus. But you don’t have to be a seasoned traveler or in the travel industry to post those pictures. Are you near a park or a garden? Or do you have plants at home? You can take photos with them!

Method #4: Roads

Most likely, if you live in a city, you won’t even think of taking pictures on roads because they are dangerous, crowded, and loud. But the “busyness” actually makes them Instagrammable.

Have you heard of Shibuya Crossing? That’s a crossing in Tokyo, Japan, and many tourists go there just to take pictures, which they will surely share on Instagram!

Method #5: Art Murals

Now that you know that you can take Instagram pictures on roads, wall arts are also a good spot for Instagram-worthy pictures because, well, it’s art! Art doesn’t fail to catch attention, especially if the colors are vivid and it’s telling a story. So the next time you see one, take some pictures with it as the background!

Method #6: Mirror

Mirror selfies are and will always be a thing on social media. People have been doing it for many years, but still, no one will tell you that you’re too old school if you post your version of it on your Instagram profile today.

This is effortless because you need to find a mirror (and it doesn’t have to be a pretty mirror), open the camera app on your phone, and take a picture of your reflection.

Method #7: Sky

You don’t need to be on an airplane to be able to take these kinds of Instagram pictures. If you are in an area where you see a wider view of the sky (for example, a mountain), that will leave people in awe because the sky is so wonderful. Also, the color of the sky changes, but it looks beautiful no matter the time of the day!

Method #8: Stairs

People usually don’t consider stairs a good place for taking Instagram pictures, but they are! You can have an Instagram photoshoot on your stairs at home, but you can also find some good-looking ones outdoors that are Instagram-worthy.

And if you are in a restaurant or hotel with beautiful stairs, don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you are allowed to pose there.

Method #9: Car

Pictures that are taken in a car give off a super cool vibe, which is why many Instagram users take pictures in it. You will want to do this if you own a car and have worked hard to make the interior look great! You’ll want to show it off!

Method #10: Anywhere!

Actually, you can take Instagram pictures anywhere because there isn’t a rule regarding the location, content, or style of the posts you are allowed to share on Instagram – unless you are working with a brand and need to post sponsored content.

But ensure there’s good lighting so your audience can see you clearly!


If you are an artist or a designer who uses the platform to share your creative works, you can take a picture of that creative work and post it. You can add a description, but it won’t have a negative effect if you leave it blank because your art or design is what will make or break your Instagram success.

However, if you are a business, Instagram isn’t only about posting visually appealing, scroll-stopping images or videos. The messaging of each content also matters if you want to build a quality audience because people want to ensure you are providing value before they hit the follow button.

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