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How Many Friends Do I Have on Facebook?

How Many Friends Do I Have On Facebook

Not all of your friends on Facebook are part of your social circle in real life.

Sometimes, you add people that you met only once or haven’t met personally – and that’s not bad because, most likely, those strangers to you know someone who knows you.

But how to find out how many friends you have on Facebook?

Quick Answer

You’ve been sending and accepting friend requests to and from many people. Now, how can you know how many friends you have on Facebook? The answer is simple. I can say it in one sentence: Go to your Facebook profile and look at the “Friends” section that you can find on the left side. You’ll see the number there.

If you want to know who your friends are – their name and their location – you will be able to go through your friends list if you click “See all friends” next to “Friends” if you are using a computer and below your featured friends if you are using a mobile browser or the Facebook app.

There are other ways to go to your Friends page. This article will walk you through it in more detail.

How Many Friends Do I Have on Facebook?

Knowing how many friends you have on Facebook is not that important, but it will be helpful for you to know if you can add more friends.

A Facebook user can only have 5,000 friends.

Once you reach that limit, you can create a new Facebook account, unfriend some people to make room for new people, or allow people to follow you so they can see your posts even if you aren’t friends.

Have you reached 5,000 yet? Let’s find out!

There are many ways to see your friends list on Facebook:

  • The first way is to go to your profile and look to the left. You will see the “Friends” section there.Friends On Facebook
  • The second method is to click “Friends” just right under your profile picture. This is only for those who use Facebook on a computer. Click Friends Under Your Profile Picture
  • You can also click the friends’ icon at the top of the Facebook page. You will see your friend requests, but you need to click “Friends” (mobile browser and Facebook app) or “All friends” (web browser) to go to your friends list.Click The Friends' Icon At The Top
  • If you are using a mobile browser or the Facebook app, go to your profile, and scroll through to the “Friends” section, which you will see right away as it is just below your public details. Friends Section Facebook Mobile App

But despite the many ways to go to your friends list, if your goal is to know how many friends you have on Facebook, you can go to your profile, and you should see the number under Friends.

If you want to visit a friend’s Facebook profile, click or tap their name.

How To Manage Posts on Your Feed if You Have Many Facebook Friends

Now that you know how many friends you have, look at your home feed.

Are the posts you see relevant or interesting to you, or are they making any sense?

If you think you have friends that don’t contribute anything good to your home feed, you can stop their posts from appearing without unfriending them.

Here is how to unfollow someone on Facebook:

  1. Go to their profile. Go To Their Profile.
  2. Tap “Friends.” You will see the friends icon if you use Facebook on a mobile browser. Click On Friends.
  3. Select “Unfollow.”Click Unfollow.

That’s it. They will not know that you unfollowed them, so you don’t need to worry about possible quarrels that you might have with that person in real life.

But know that if you unfriend them, they will know it once they visit your profile. They will not be notified, though.


Some people don’t have any problem being friends with anyone — and everyone if possible — on Facebook, so they accept and send friend requests without a second thought.

These people usually are the ones who want to have many friends just for the sake of having many Facebook friends.

You will know who these people are if they have exactly 5,000 friends and have more than one Facebook account.

Having many friends on Facebook isn’t bad because connecting to someone on Facebook is just that: connecting with them.

You don’t need to talk and interact with each other on the platform. You can do that only if you and they want to.

Facebook is like a less strict version of LinkedIn. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you most likely have a reason connected to your professional life.

But if you connect with someone on Facebook, you don’t need to have any reason to do that, and people don’t need to know why you are adding them before they accept it.

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