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Where Is the Gear Icon in Messenger?

Where Is The Gear Icon In Messenger

Getting comfortable with an application takes time. But you can quickly get comfortable when you have a guide that simplifies things by guiding you to where various icons and options are.

In the case of Messenger, different icons trouble people to find them, such as the gear icon.

Where can we find it on Messenger, and what does it mean?

Quick Answer

There is no gear icon on Messenger. The gear icon is meant to open settings. However, on Messenger, there is no gear icon. Instead, you can access the settings options in various ways, depending on whether you are accessing Messenger on the web or mobile. For instance, you can access more settings options by long-pressing the contact on Messenger. Still, if you open the Messenger conversation, you can click the info icon to open the various settings options.

We will discuss where the gear icon on Messenger is. Next, we will see the various ways of opening the settings options on Messenger on the web and the mobile app. Moreover, we will answer commonly asked questions about Messenger.

What Does the Gear Icon Mean?

The gear icon is a common icon that you will find in most applications. The gear icon represents settings; when users click on it, they can access the various settings option for the given application.

For most applications, the gear icon is mainly located at the bottom or top of the window to make it easily accessible by the users.

Where is the Gear Icon in Messenger?

Unlike other applications, Facebook Messenger doesn’t have the gear icon currently. You won’t find the gear icon when accessing Messenger on your mobile phone or the web. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t access the various settings options available on Messenger.

There are various settings you can modify on Messenger. However, you won’t find the gear icon to navigate the options quickly. Instead, you will indirectly access the settings options in other ways depending on your goal.

Let’s discuss the various alternative ways of accessing settings on Messenger.

On the Web

If you open the Messenger web version, a list of the various conversation or messages you have will display.

To open the settings for the given conversation, hover your mouse on the person’s name and click the three dots on the right. That will display various settings options.

Still, if you open a conversation, you will note the various settings options that you can modify displayed on the right sidebar. For instance, you will find the option to customize the chat displayed on the right.

On the Messenger App

The Messenger app works slightly differently than the web version.

Once you open your Messenger app, you can access the Messenger settings by clicking on your profile picture at the top. A list of various options that you can customize or change will display.

To open the settings option for a single conversation, go back to the chat window, and long-press the chat. Various options will appear. Alternatively, click on the given chat to open the conversation window. Once it opens, click the info icon (i) at the top, and various settings options will appear. You can click on any option to modify it.


There is no gear icon on Messenger. However, we’ve presented other ways of accessing settings for Messenger or a given Messenger conversation. That way, you can now modify various options on Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the gear icon in Messenger?

There is no gear icon in Messenger. Instead, you have other ways of opening settings, such as clicking the profile picture on the Messenger app.

How do I open chat settings on the Messenger app?

To open the chat settings, long-press on the particular chat. Alternatively, open the conversation and click the info icon at the top.

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