How To Know if Someone Unblocked You on iMessage

How To Know If Someone Unblocked You On Imessage

Of course, people can block you on iMessage, especially if you are a spammer, scammer, or heartbreaker. Being blocked by someone on iMessage is disappointing, but in many cases, it doesn’t last. Some may decide to unblock you a few months or weeks later. But the question is, how will you know once they do?

Quick Answer

If you were blocked, you wouldn’t be able to call them. And even though your message will be sent, it will not be delivered. They would not receive it. Having said that, once they unblock you, the opposite will happen: Their phone will ring when you call, and you will see that your message has been delivered once you hit send.

The color of the message bubble also gives a hint, but it is not enough to tell if you were blocked or unblocked. If you have been using iMessage for so long, you should know by now that a green bubble means you are sending the message as a text message and a blue bubble means it was sent as an iMessage.

When the iMessage message has been sent as a text message, it could be because you were blocked. But again, this is not enough. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

This article will walk you through methods for knowing if someone unblocked you on iMessage.

How To Know if Someone Unblocked You on iMessage

It is not difficult to know once you have been unblocked because you can contact them easily, and they are responding to you. But what’s frustrating in this situation is not knowing when it will happen. Sometimes, people unblock a few days later. Sometimes, never.

So, let’s dive in. Here are some methods to know if someone unblocked you on iMessage.

Method #1: Your Message Has Been Delivered

Your Message Has Been Delivered

If you texted them and you don’t see the word “delivered,” there is a possibility that you are still blocked. And if the message bubble is green rather than blue (if you turned on “send as a text message”), the possibility is higher. This is not a surefire sign, but the thing is, the other person will not see any undelivered messages, and it could be their doing.

Sure, it could be caused by a signal issue or an internet problem, which is out of your control. But it could also be because they just don’t want to receive any messages from you, so they blocked you. Once they unblock you, you should see the word “delivered” below your message.

Note that all the messages you sent while you were still blocked will not be delivered to them once they unblock you.

Method #2: The Message Bubble Is Blue

The Message Bubble Is Blue

As I said, if someone blocked you on iMessage, you can message them, but they will not receive those messages as they will not be delivered. There will be no “delivered” under the message. If you were unblocked, you should see “delivered.” This applies to those that were sent as text messages, too.

And speaking of text messages, if you have been sending messages on iMessage and suddenly see the bubble become green, you should be cautious, especially if there has been a quarrel between you and the other person. You might have been blocked.

You may need to do the other methods mentioned in this post to be sure.

Method #3: Their Phone Rings When You Call

If you call them and you go straight to their voicemail, it could be because they don’t have a signal – or they may have blocked you. Their phone will not ring, but they will know you called them if they check their voicemail messages. If they don’t bother checking it, then don’t bother them anymore.

Method #4: They Are Unavailable on FaceTime

Just like phone calls, you would be unable to call them on FaceTime – both video and audio – if they blocked you. They would be unavailable. You would not hear any ring. But what if their phone rings? If it rings, it could mean that they have already unblocked you. But is it time to celebrate? Not yet.

Try sending them a message on iMessage. If the message has been delivered, the bubble is blue, and they respond, then that is when you should celebrate.


In simple words, if someone blocks you on iMessage, you will not be able to talk to them via their phone number, Apple ID, or other credentials linked to their Apple account. You can still communicate with them on social media and other messaging tools that aren’t associated with Apple, so it is not the end of the world.

You will be able to talk to them back and forth on iMessage and over a phone call or FaceTime call once they unblock you, but only they know when they will do that. If you have a minor misunderstanding that can be resolved easily, they might unblock you once things are okay. If the problem can’t be resolved, that’s a different case.

There are thousands of messaging tools out there, but for iPhone users, iMessage is still the best because there are just no communication apps perfect for Apple devices other than iMessage. iMessage is simple, but because it is available only for Apple devices, it is exceptional, and those who use it seem to have a special bond.

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